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It’s that time again…Wpromote is hiring for a SEO Specialist position! Know anyone who might be interested? Learn more about what it means to be part of the Wpromote team from our very own Justin McKinney!

Tara: What compelled you to apply to Wpromote in the first place?

Justin: I acquired a basic understanding of SEO at another company, but I was looking for an opportunity to really break into the SEO industry despite not having years of experience. When I found Wpromote online, I immediately thought that it would be a perfect fit for me. From the website and reviews of the company online I could tell Wpromote had a great company culture and space. Reading the job description for the SEO Specialist role was what convinced me to apply; it didn’t require several years of experience, training would be provided, and I would be working on real accounts right from the start.

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Tara: How would you describe your recruitment experience, from the initial conversation to accepting an offer?

Justin: The recruitment experience was quick, easy, and professional. A few days after submitting my resume I received a call and had a brief phone interview with HR. At the end of that call I was scheduled for an interview at the beginning of the following week. I interviewed with a SEO Director and Manager for about 45 minutes. Finally, the Friday of that same week I received a call saying that I got the job! The entire process took less than 2 weeks, and everybody I interacted with was courteous and professional.

Tara: What excites you about the Account Manager role within the SEO team?

Justin: The Specialist role was the perfect place for me to really begin my SEO career in earnest. I received excellent training from our experts in the department, and I developed a number of SEO skills, technical and otherwise. Now that I am transitioning to the Manager position, I am excited to take my knowledge and skills and apply them to full SEO and digital marketing campaigns. I’m also looking forward to working directly with Wpromote’s clients, as the Specialist role is generally not client facing.

Tara: What hints and tips would you give to candidates looking to join your team here at Wpromote?

Justin: Have a really solid understanding of the SEO basics; you should be able to explain the importance of title tags or why links matter in SEO. Additionally, read up on some SEO blogs to make sure you are up-to-date on SEO news and best practices, as this industry is constantly changing. The Wpromote Blog is a great place to start! Lastly, ask yourself if you are a good fit for the job; we’re fast-paced, hard working, and team-oriented.

Tara: Why did you see Wpromote as the agency of choice for opportunities within the sphere of SEO?

Justin: Wpromote is one of the few companies, let alone agencies, that has an entry-level SEO position. While you do need some skill and background in SEO, it does not require years of experience. Additionally, as I mentioned the SEO department is filled with SEO experts who really accelerated my own learning and development. Lastly, it was clear that Wpromote is a leader in the online marketing industry, and I wanted to be a part of that type of community.


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