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The popular social networking site “MySpace” has announced that a new facelift will be in progress for the site. The site’s co-founder and president Tom Anderson promises that the new changes to the site will aid in the efforts to destroy the image that the site is strictly for teens and young adults. It is clear that the remodeling and dramatic changes to the site will intentionally draw more users and members over an extended period of time. Additionally, the new capabilities will assist members better engage and interact with one another.

One noteworthy change being made to the site will be alterations to the tab section. Currently, search abilities are greatly improving, such as results pertaining to other users, music and videos. The most significant tab, however, will now automatically be highlighted and focused to the user. Additionally, searches on other users will now include the function to sort members by gender, age, location and invitations to become friends. Moreover, MySpace will also be revamping its ever popular profile editor to make specific alterations and edits more simplistic for the user.

“We felt like we reached a point where MySpace in its original incarnation had peaked in a way,” Anderson argued. “We were wondering how we can expand our market and appeal to new people. We looked at some of the reasons why someone might not use MySpace.”

Personally speaking, I find it interesting to note that MySpace also plans to limit the number of advertisements evident on the site. This advertising tactic is utilized to allow the higher priced advertisements and placements to stand out. In order to compete with its social networking rival, Facebook has also begun the initial stages of improvements and alterations to their site.

Moreover, I believe that with the ever increasing competition amongst online networking sites, MySpace, as well as Facebook, will continue to implement dramatic changes and improvements to their sites with the intention of remaining the “top dog” in the online social networking industry. It remains a mystery to me, however, whether or not these changes will equate long-term successes for the social networking sites. Undoubtedly, the improvements will certainly help in immediate monetary return. However, with respect to the future place of the Internet industry, trends continue to be difficult to predict.


6 thoughts on “A Needed Facelift?
  1. christian says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Myspace does this year since they have been losing so much ground to Facebook as of recent.

  2. Aaron Kronis says:

    Hmm, so is the next money making idea something that pulls your myspace AND facebook pages into one slick interface that can also utilized other means of communication?

    What role will the browser play?

  3. Amanda Moshier says:

    I see MySpace as a networking and promotional tool, and Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends. If MySpace is able to entice me into using their site like I use Facebook, I’ll be impressed. It’s gotten too overloaded with ads, promotions, and spam. At least when I login to Facebook I know I’m in good company. These days, logging into MySpace feels like stepping into an oversized shopping mall without a map. And I hate shopping.

  4. Amir Shoucri says:

    I guess I can put Myspace Tom back into my top friends now.

  5. Tom says:

    I don’t work at MySpace anymore; Fox runs my account!

  6. Jessica Como says:

    I still see it as a house for gossip and dating for teens rather than social networking for adults. My high school brother says he would kill me if I was on there. I think a lot of changes need to be made before they are going to entice a new demographic.

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