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Whether you live to work or work to live, chances are you spend most of your day at work – at a stationary post such as your desk, or work station. An 8-10 hour day does little to inspire extracurricular activity, such as a trip to the gym or a walk in the park. Slowly but surely, old eating habits can have a way of catching up with us (goodbye six pack, hellooo dad bod).

Thankfully, our beloved client FruitGuys understands this challenge; as a pioneer in office fruit delivery, FruitGuys spend most of their work day making sure folks received their weekly fill of delicious and healthy fruit.

A fruitful workplace aims to help raise awareness over the dangers of harmful eating, while subtly reminding us that organizations can play a pivotal role in influencing employees to make better decisions during their daily snacking ritual. Thanks for the weekly fruit box FruitGuys. We love you!


View the entire infographic here to learn more about how fruit can change your life!


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