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I used to be a professional musician, which basically means that I used to have no money and was not very good with calendars. The band I was in used to tour quite a bit, and in spite of the fact that they weren’t a household name, they always seemed to skim a profit from the road. There’s a few tried and true rules you stick to like glue when you’re trying to eke out a living being a wandering minstrel, one of which is:

“Never throw a gig on a Monday unless you absolutely have to.”

One day while we were galavanting around Europe, I asked the reasoning behind the “no-gigs on Monday” rule of our Belgian tour manager and his response was:

“Ha! Dude, people barely come to your shows on a Friday”

Yeah, he was kind of a jerk. But he wasn’t really “wrong”

Be that as it may, the exchange stuck with me and so did the lesson: Mondays make everything worse. That’s not where the idea for this Infographic came from, but it certainly helped put things into perspective while we were doing the research. Enjoy.

A Crowdsourced case of the Mondays (Infographic) from Wpromote


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