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In the world of SEO, we all know that there are many factors that contribute to a website’s success in the search engines. Whether it is optimizing a website’s content regularly or creating a successful Social Media campaign, we are always looking for new ways to elevate our clients’ online presence. This is why I decided to delve into a controversial topic amongst SEO aficionados, and create an Infographic as a beginner’s guide to a successful link building campaign. In this Infographic I break down what link building is, it’s purpose, as well as my favorite key ingredients for a tasty backlink profile. So take a look, take a bite, and take some time to learn more about the beginning steps to successful link building!

Link Building Infographic_Updated

While there are countless ways to build a strong backlink profile, it is important to note that there are many sites on the web that are spammy and bad for your link building efforts. If you’re submitting your site to a free directory, or paying for links through third party sites, be sure to do the proper research before hitting that submit button.

By creating unique, quality content for your site and working hard on building a strong backlink profile with trusted, valuable links, you will be on the right track to successful SEO! So get grillin’!

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