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Today Google released 9 new features to their keyword planner tool. These features make it easier to understand various aspects of search volume by providing visualizations. The new features provide graphs that help us understand the change in search volume over time, how devices contribute to search volume, and how locations contribute to search volume. Below is a list of these new features with screenshots:


1. Specify a time period (Search Volume Trends). Keyword volume will be provided and visualized according to the time period specified in the Date Range section.




2. Flexible time periods / comparison. You are now able to compare search estimates for various periods of time.




When comparison is set to “ON” in the date range section you will see a second serious of visuals.



3. See absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keywords volumeYou are now able to sort by columns to understand what keywords are on the rise. 




4. See breakdowns by device. You are now able to see a visualization of search volume by device.




5. See breakdowns by targeted location. You are now able to see a visualization of search volume by targeted location. If you would like to see more locations, change your targeting options.




6. Device segmentation.You are now able to see a visualization of each devices contribution to overall search volume.




7. Visualizing mobile trends. You are now able to see a visualization that compares mobile search volume with total search volume.




8. Location breakdowns for sub-geos of your targeted location. You are now able to select how granular you would like to be when comparing sub-geos of your targeted location.




9. Visualizations and estimates for sub-geos. You are now able to view a visualization that shows you each sub-geo’s contribution to the total search volume.




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