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Custom profile startup About.me, which is owned by AOL, is looking for the new ‘face of About.me’ and is kicking off a contest to find that face.

If you’re not familiar with About.me, well, you should be. If you don’t have a personal website with your name as the domain, About.me is the next best thing. About.me offers people free profile pages, which can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, and other sites that you have at one point signed up with (cough Formspring cough). Users can also upload high-resolution photos to the site, making profiles look fairly professional with minimal effort, or skill.

The company is about to launch on a huge advertising initiative, and is trying to find the faces of the campaign from existing new users. New and existing About.me users will be asked to opt in to the contest once they log-in on their profile; once opted-in, any visitor to that profile can vote on any About.me page to be featured in the campaign. Three lucky About.me users who gain the most votes will be featured in the Fall campaign, which includes a billboard in New York City’s Times Square, as well as other OOH (out-of-home, for you non-advertising industry peeps) ads, in taxis and in-flight advertisements. Winners will also be flown to the city that never sleeps, along with a friend to attend the launch event for this new campaign. Seven runners-up will also be featured in the billboard and other ads.

The last day of voting is September 20, which also happens to be the date of Wpromote’s Social Media Week Event.

Create that profile, and get those votes!


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