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How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Some of the resolutions made by our team range from the usual such as “exercise regularly,” “eat healthier,” and “spend more time volunteering” to the more unusual like “learn a party trick,” “visit five places that start with the letter ‘Z’,” and “break a record.”

Perhaps one of your goals for 2017 was to update your company website. Your site may not need a complete overhaul but maybe you are looking to do some minor tweaks that would give you an advantage over your competitors.  To help you decide if you should consider a web redesign, evaluate the following aspects of your website:

Visual Appeal

First impressions are crucial. Your website is your calling card, often the first interaction potential clients, customers, and investors have with you.  Is it visually appealing? Does it accurately represent your brand and organization?   A website needs to combine aesthetics with functionality. If your site looks dated and has a poor design and structure, visitors will make similar assumptions about your company.


Is your site accessible via mobile devices? According to Google, mobile traffic is now overtaking desktop traffic.  If your site does not offer visitors a good user experience on mobile devices, you are potentially missing out on 50% of your target audience.

View your website from a smartphone or tablet. Do you have to scroll left and right to read content? Is the text too small? Are images cut off? If so, your website is not mobile-friendly.

Users aren’t the only ones who don’t like websites that are not mobile friendly. Google doesn’t either. Not having a mobile-friendly site will negatively impact your search rankings..

Simply put, a mobile-friendly website is not a “nice to have,” it is a must-have.


Is it easy for your target audience to find the content they need? Has your market changed? Is your content up-to-date and relevant to your market?  You only have 2-4 seconds to engage new visitors ‒make sure your content is clear, concise, and on target.

Content is also essential for ranking well in the search engines. Sites that have thin content are deemed to be of “lower quality” by Google and are ranked accordingly.

Reward your site’s visitors with unique, useful content that is optimized for the search engines and you’ll be rewarded with more qualified traffic. Another benefit?  Users will be more likely to share your content through their social networks!


Is your website working for your business? Are you measuring how effective your online presence is? How many visitors did your website receive? How did they get there? What are your conversions? How many repeat visitors are there? There are a number of tools that will help you measure and analyze what works and what doesn’t on a website. If you do not have the right analytics tools set up on your website you are missing out on important data that can provide you with insights and information you can use to help guide your business decisions.


Speed isn’t what it used to be. In 2012, a page loading in four seconds was acceptable; today the accepted norm is under two seconds. Studies have shown that slower response times have an increase in page abandonment, particularly on mobile devices.

Google also looks at page speed as a ranking factor for both desktop and mobile websites.  In a Search Engine Land article, Gary Illyes from Google said, “Google will be updating the page speed ranking factor to specifically look at the page speed of your mobile pages when it comes to the mobile-friendly algorithm.”

A page that takes a long time to load delivers a poor user experience. Fortunately there are many things can be done to optimize page speed without impacting the overall design of your site.


A dated website causes users to question if a site is a secure…and it might not be if your technology is not up to date. There are many recent examples of websites and feeds that get hacked.  Security flaws can appear on any website, new or old. But the likelihood of it happening on sites that rely on older technology is much greater.

Wpromote is wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2017 – if for whatever reason you would like to update your website, we would love to hear from you.


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