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Recently I read some of the blog post headlines we here at Wpromote have been writing, and I have to say… they are riveting! “A Smorgasbord of…”, “A Smattering of…”, and my favorite, “9 Visually Appealing Keyword Planner Updates.” Kind of gives you the chills, right?

After reading these invigorating headlines I started to think about headlines I would actually love to read on Wpromote’s blog, or at the very least on The Onion.


5. Apples Finally Compared To Oranges in Acidic Infographic

4. 34 Lower Case Characters Used To Write This Headline

3. Miley Cyrus Sued By European Pop-Star, Kilometery Cyprus

2. Talking Cat Conversation Recorded! Cat Claims Gif Pronounced “Jif”

1. 17 Reasons Only 1 Reason Is Needed To Watch Game Of Thrones


Some past notable Wpromote headlines you may want to check out are:

Coincidentally, I may have written all of those posts…



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9 Visually Appealing Keyword Planner Updates
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