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The design of a website requires that the designer use his visual vocabulary to maximize the effectiveness of the page. In the old days of the web, Web Pages were sterile and boring – JPGs were rare and GIFs were the norm as bandwidth limitations made it impractical to have overly graphical layouts. Broadband Internet and modern browsers are now able to deliver rich graphical experiences on the web in a way that was impossible to do in the past.  Below you will find 5 visual trends every web designer should know and love if they are making a website in 2009.


Using Textures on your website is always a good idea. Not only will textures give your site personality but also greatly enhance the usability of your site.  Wood backgrounds and textures have definitely made a comeback.  They can be used as part of your UI design or make for a pleasant background.  Experiment plenty and be careful not to over do it.



The use of paperclips and post it notes on websites has been steadily rising in the last couple of years. They can be very effective for displaying small amounts of data as well as giving your site the illusion of depth. I’m not the biggest fan of this trend but it can certainly prove to be useful.



If you are an emo designer, and want to rebel against the post-gmunk aesthetics employed by slick elitists, then maybe you should try to dirty up your design using dirt textures, scribbles and a hefty use of grunge brushes. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to grunge- just remember to keep it creative and fresh and you’ll be the talk of the town.



What better way of showing your love for the ancient past ( 20th Century ) than to create a retro-futuristic web design ? Retro and vintage styles have been cropping up all over the web as designers begin to explore and experiment with retro styled solutions to modern day design problems.



With most web users viewing pages on large monitors at high resolutions, it has become a design trend to use larger than normal fonts to create a sense of weight and importance as well as to improve overall readability of the site.  Try not to make your fonts TOO big though – there are still plenty of novice web users who still use older and low-resolution monitors.



7 thoughts on “5 Web Design Trends To Know and <3
  1. Fish says:

    I think Wpromote should go retro, which although makes no business sense, would be totally righteous! Can ya dig it?

  2. marcyzuendel says:

    I love the wood grain trend… my hair stylist who is always very up to date on all the new trends, just had her website re-done with a wood grain background, and it looks great!

  3. Ahmed says:

    I really like the paper clip & sticky notes suggestion. It really does tend to be useful sometimes for small reminders. Thanks for sharing Edwin!

  4. Chris Laub says:

    Is there such thing as a large, wood-grain textured font? That would smash everything!

  5. edwin says:

    Chris, just like time travel the universe has a built in mechanism that prevents anyone from even attempting such a thing. Computers crash, files disappear, etc.

  6. ade says:

    I checked out most of the sites you used as examples for this post and they’re great. I’m tempted to try the paper clips & sticky notes…

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