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Greetings, and happy Monday! Some of you are likely still recovering from Superbowl fun while others are getting into the groove of a new week. Not being a football fan myself (basketball is my thing), I skipped the requisite parties and instead used yesterday to go to the beach, meet up with an old friend, and watch House DVDs (my favorite).



House M.D.

But I digress. 2009 has gotten off to quite a busy start here at Wpromote. Between launching new projects, optimizing existing ones, updating our website content, and brainstorming new initiatives, posting this very special blog about Wpromote’s 2009 goals has taken a backseat. The good news is that our goals have changed slightly since I last broached the topic so we have more good stuff to share with you than we would have had before! The bad news is…well, there is no bad news. Here goes our list of “5 Things Wpromote Will Do in 2009”, in no particular order:

#1 – Go Global


That’s right, folks – you heard it here first! 2009 will be the first year Wpromote *officially* offers its services internationally. With so much to offer, from PPC to SEO and Viral marketing services, you may wonder where in the world we would begin, but I’m here to tell you not to worry! It’s all figured out. We’re starting with QuickList…and Ali Quinn (our QuickList director) is stoked!

#2 – See and Be Seen (and Heard)


Think it’s possible to make Wpromote a household name? I don’t know, but Jamie Lane (our Marketing Manager) will sure try! She’s scheduled Wpromote to attend conferences like ad:tech SF, Affiliate Summit, Commission Junction University, Direct Marketing Association, Internet Retailer, Search Engine Strategies, and SMX West. “We will be averaging close to one new conference a month,” says Jamie, “and expect this to boost Wpromote’s brand awareness. While showing at these conferences we will also attend informative panels on a variety of search marketing-related topics. We are keeping Wpromote staff at the forefront of new developments and doing everything we can to help our clients succeed!”

#3 – Make A Friend


Some say there are no friends in business (and no crying in baseball), but we disagree. In fact, in an effort to bring our clients added value wherever possible (and maximize our opportunities to do so), 2009 finds Wpromote devoting more resources to aligning ourselves with traditional advertising agencies. To that end, we’ve set a pretty high goal for ourselves: form strategic partnerships with 3 of the top advertising agencies. Go team!

#4 – Have Some Fun


Anyone who works here, has attended a Wpromote-sponsored event, or watched one of our vlogs knows that fun and Wpromote tend to be synonymous, but this year the Wpromote Events Committee is raising the bar. The bowling tournament in El Segundo was a blast, the Dodgers game was epic, and the company-sponsored Happy Hours have been memorable. Still, nothing has prepared anyone for the 1st ever Wprom!! That’s right, this year we will set out to host a prom, Wpromote style — complete with music, dancing, food, and horrible, themed outfits (theme to be determined). Fun.

#5 – Do Some Good


Following in the tradition of remembering those less fortunate (see Wpromote Kiva Fund), this year Wpromote intends to expand its charitable efforts by actively seeking opportunities to help not-for-profits meet their goals online. President and CEO Mike Mothner explains: “Even in the midst of an economic downturn, Wpromote recognizes the call to do our share of good in the world. Following the example of our very own Viral Marketing department, who recently donated its services to SaveTheBiz.org, this year Wpromote pledges to donate its services to five non-profits we find interesting and worthy. Stay tuned for updates!”

And that’s all she wrote. I look forward to reporting back on our progress.

See you next time!


8 thoughts on “5 Things Wpromote Will Do In 2009
  1. Excellent post. Glad to see the big W giving back. Nice to know about your Kiva Fund- what a great project.

    Be well,

  2. ade says:

    Nice post Amanda. It’s good to know that Wpromote will be going global in 2009! I’m really happy about that. But I’d always thought you’d achieve this already.
    Anyway I wish you guys the best in whatever you set out to do.

    1. Thank you! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Mike Block says:

    I’m hoping to play a hand in the “Make a Friend” portion. I want to get Wpromote going on http://www.12seconds.tv to compliment our Twittering efforts. With a Flip Ultra in hand, I think we can do it!

  4. I just checked out 12seconds tv & I love the tagline: “Keeping it pithy since 2008!”

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