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Its a cool, gray Friday afternoon in Southern California. South Bay, to be exact. Some of you may be gearing up for a quick 2-day getaway, while others look forward to spending a relaxing weekend at home. If the sun doesn’t make an overdue appearance by Saturday morning, however, I’ll be forced to change my plans. For others who find themselves in my predicament, I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite websites for finding arts, cultural, and nightlife events in Los Angeles – things to do indoors when schizophrenic SoCal weather threatens to undermine your weekend plans.

1. Flavorpill

What started back in 2000 as a weekly email newsletter sent to subscribers and posted online in a simple format is now a full-fledged website covering arts, music, and cultural events in six major metropolitan cities, including Los Angeles. Having garnered press in the likes of the Economist and New York Times, Flavorpill is considered by many the authority resource on where to go and what to do in LA, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, London, and Miami. You can even sign-up for Flavor alerts on your mobile – they make it that easy to stay in touch.

2. Fusicology

Taking cues from Flavorpill but narrowing its focus to music and nightlife only, Fusicology is an email newsletter and website covering club events in 17 cities and counting. Launched in Los Angeles by editor and founder Asya Shein, with a growing database of trend-setting subscribers, Fusicology is considered a PR staple for event promoters around the city.

3. LA Weekly

Despite semi-recent upsets at the free weekly newspaper (and website), the kind happening at print publications around the country, LA Weekly remains a reliable source of information on the latest and greatest in LA arts, music, dining, and culture. With “Editor Picks” and a daily “To Do List,” LA Weekly’s online calendar makes it easy for Angelenos to something worthwhile to do, even at the very last minute.

4. Thrillist

The newest kid on the handpicked-arts-and-cultural-items-newsletter/website scene, Thrillist is an off-the-cuff presentation of the editors ‘ picks in food, drinks, events, clothes, parties, random gear, and travel destinations in six major cities, including Los Angeles, as well as the “Nation,” in an edition that covers everything noteworthy and undervalued from around the country, and, in some cases, world. It may take a few minutes of digging, but more often than not Thrillist will help you uncover a bar, restaurant, bar, or event to help mitigate your boredom.

5. 89.9 KCRW

If you live in LA, you know KCRW. That or you’re living under a rock. The go-to resource for all thats new in music, art, and news, 89.9 is a public radio station, and website, with its finger on the pulse of a core yet increasingly diverse Los Angeles demographic – the informed, opinionated, and culture-wise consumer. A valuable resource for those who love music, museums, and theater, KCRW’s events calendar offers at-a-glance suggestions on artsy happenings in Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “5 Sites to Consult When Schizophrenic SoCal Weather Threatens Your Weekend Plans
  1. KCRW is probably the only reason I am happy with life.

    That and Battlestar Galactica.

  2. Amanda Moshier says:

    KCRW DJ Jason Eldredge played off a Macbook at an absinthe cocktail party hosted by Flavorpill last night. It was fun. The cocktails were fluorescent green. I’m not sure what was really in them, but they looked cool.

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