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After learning why you need one of these highly debated tools, I want to assure you that some people are doing it right. Check these out to get some lightbox inspiration and feel less guilty about asking everyone to join your list.


What I love: They do a version of the usual “stay in the know,” but they also go a step further to reassure potential subscribers that they don’t email too frequently or send spammy emails. Both of which are great.


What I love: Go big or go home. Using a discount is a very common lightbox strategy, but PAPYRUS takes it to a new level. While 10-15% is common, a 20% offer is extra enticing.


What I love: Playful copy once again comes to the rescue. Watches.com shows some personality and makes me feel like I won’t regret signing up – a lightbox double play.


What I love: Straying from the usual “exclusive promotions and updates,” Daybreaker keeps it simple by inspiring real urgency – the next event could happen without you! A total cool kid move.


What I love: Another great incentive is a piece of content, but let’s be real, that piece better be pretty great. Vegan Cuts gives more details than just a headline by highlighting recipes and tips, and “The Vegan Holiday Survival Guide” is time-sensitive, showing a commitment to staying relevant.


What I love: Ok, yes, I’m a little biased here. But I genuinely chuckled to myself when I saw the headline, and coupled with the image it all works well. This also shows relevancy considering the audience is likely marketing-minded people who may know firsthand the love/hate relationship with lightboxes.

For the controversial lightbox, playful copy and design can set your audience at ease.  But if that seems like a reach, above all stay relevant and direct! Your future subscribers just want to know that you won’t spam them and, yes, would offer them an incentive while you’re at it.


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