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It is an absolute certainty that SEO writers will, from time to time, be faced with the prospect of writing multiple content articles that address the same keywords. Oh, were it a perfect world, Google would simply look the other way whilst we copied, pasted, and self-plagiarized to our heart’s content, and we would be rewarded with higher rankings just the same. Perfection isn’t realistic, of course, and this particular brand of it shouldn’t even be strived for; Google desires fresh, unique content if it’s to even consider your work. So how does one navigate this particular conundrum? How are we to keep our content fresh while targeting the same keywords over and over again?

1. Audience Juggling

My go to move when having to write about the same keyword in multiple ways is envisioning the different demographics my content might target. Writing a piece with a certain audience in mind – say, parents of teenagers – will help set the tone, the subject matter, and the general course of the content. Follow that up with content using the same keyword, except targeted toward the teens themselves. Just make a list of all the people who might buy this product or type this keyword into Google. Go down that list and target each group with a different slant. This won’t just help you pump out unique content; it’ll also improve your writing and make it more effective.

2. Google Search

Run a search using the keywords. You’re not plagiarizing, but you are removing yourself from the internal headspace that can sometimes stagnate your progress. Just get an idea for all the different types of results that can come from your keywords. You may have been fixated on a particular angle that was preventing any deviation, and taking a look at all the possibilities could be refreshing.

3. Change Perspectives

Write from the vantage point of someone else. You’ve just written about “English learning courses” from the perspective of the teacher setting the curriculum. Why not write about them as a former, or current, student? You’ll be talking about the same subject, referencing the same keywords, but you’ll be coming from a completely unique angle.

4. Take a Walk

Seriously. Get up from the desk. Get out in the sun. Soak up some Vitamin D, get the blood circulating. Physical activity actually stimulates our brains, especially repetitive movements like walking. Your brain requires oxygen and nutrients for proper function, and moving around allows your blood to send the good stuff upstairs. Take half an hour to walk around and ponder the content, and then get back to the computer – refreshed and relaxed.

It can be difficult to manage unique content while hitting the same exact keywords over and over again, but with a fresh perspective or two (and maybe some fresh legs), you can make your content stand out without blending in.


4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh (When Writing For the Same KWs)
  1. I love advice like “take a walk” because most people immediately dismiss it. Why? Because they’ve never done it! But it’s because they’ve never done it that it’s such good advice. I was reading about tips for phone interviews and one of the tips was to get dressed up in business attire even though nobody will see you. Making physical changes to yourself or changing your environment can have great positive effects on your mental well-being.

  2. Maria says:

    I never thought about writing from a different perspective as an SEO writing technique. Innovative approach, yet (almost) obvious at the same time.

  3. ade says:

    Apart from searching Google to see what others have written, the other suggestions are all great and new to me. I really have to try going out more often. Thanks for the post.

  4. Another great post on writing…and I think we should all take more walks! Thanks for the tips, Eric!

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