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To an outsider, online marketing may not seem all that glamorous. Surely it’s just about combing through excel sheets and devising the next wannabe-viral ad, right? Not quite. It’s far more, and it is most assuredly awesome in ways you’ve probably never considered before. Here’s four reasons why.

  • The Power


Oh, the power. The tools for data collection and analysis available to modern marketers have an unprecedented ability to get granular and to hypersegment audiences. Need to target middle-aged moms in Iowa? You can do that. Plenty of platforms are starting to or already offer this kind of targeting clout, with the powerful Google AdWords network amongst them. With power this great should, ideally, come equally great responsibility in handling consumers. Contrary to popular belief, handing private data well and respectfully can be in a company’s best interests as much as a consumer’s. The company with both accurate, useful data and the good will of the public can stride across this land like a king. See: Amazon, most of the time, or some of the IT companies from this list.

  • The Speed


How fast can you imagine adapting an entire marketing campaign? Try not to get stuck on Mad Men; the era of focus groups and spending months waiting for purchasing numbers to flow in from retailers is long over. Now a marketer can run a week-long campaign, then use the results to run another campaign the very next week – achieving nigh-instantaneous turnaround. In fact, little tweaks can be made anytime of any day in order to best suit emerging trends and the campaign’s needs. These days, online marketing can move just as fast as you can think.

  • The Technology

Online marketers get some of the coolest toys around, and you should probably be jealous of the arsenal a marketer will have at his or her disposal. Looking at the crazy powerful tools available from a behemoth like Google really only scratches the surface. There are literally dozens of services available to marketers to help them manage campaigns, reach their audiences, analyze their data, and more. One particularly great service, called SimilarWeb, gets regular use here at Wpromote. It’s worth checking out even if you’re not a marketer for the sheer entertainment value of discovering how big websites like eBay really are.

  • The Payoff


Online marketing isn’t all fun, games, and incredible cosmic power. The payoff is measurable, and impacts real lives every day. It’s not just huge multinational corporations who use online marketing – hundreds on thousands of small businesses employ all kinds of online marketing strategies to try to reach potential customers. For them, online marketing can make or break their business. The right kind of marketing can save a struggling enterprise and ensure the livelihoods of everyone working for it.

Online marketing isn’t just about the bottom line, after all – it’s about success. Of course, profits and success often go hand in hand, but you can’t have the former without the latter. Seeing a business truly thrive after a boost from an excellently executed campaign is really what online marketing is all about. And that? Is awesome.


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