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It may seem like there is a competition for advertisers on where to place their ads. However, this may not be true after all. Numbers have shown that advertisers are spending more of their dollars on Facebook than on Twitter. In fact, Twitter’s revenue has decreased quarter-over-quarter for the past year. The question is: why?


Advertisers should spend advertising dollars where people are, right? Businesses want to reach the highest number of unique users with each of their campaigns. “Unique,” meaning each new set of eyes. Twitter has reported to have around 250 million monthly active users, running far behind Facebook’s 1.3 billion monthly active users. This also means that advertisers have the potential to get more bang for their buck. Spending more ad dollars on Facebook will always ensure a higher reach than Twitter. This also means that frequency, hitting the same person multiple times with the same ad, will be less of an issue. Ding, ding; round one winner: Facebook!


Studies have shown that impressions and clicks tend to cost less on Facebook than Twitter. This is largely due to the reach advantage Facebook has over Twitter; however, Facebook’s bidding processes also allow the platform to be more cost-effective. In addition, Twitter ad costs are slowly increasing, which could have some correlation to its revenue numbers decreasing. Another reason for Twitter costs being high is due to the unfriendliness of direct response capabilities. Facebook offers more ad objectives than Twitter does, which allows advertisers to spend dollars where they see fit. Twitter is much more limited. Facebook has Twitter stumbling. Round two is over!

Interface & Reporting

Anyone who has used both platforms for advertising knows Facebook has a more user-friendly interface compared to Twitter. Facebook advertising is easy-to-use and any person in an organization can jump in. It’s also set up in a way that agencies can manage multiple accounts within the same interface, i.e. Business Manager. Twitter is lacking this functionality. Facebook’s interface also makes targeting much clearer, which is crucial in all campaign setup.

Reporting is also a place where Twitter lacks. Facebook’s reporting metrics are customizable, as well as downloadable in an easy-to-read format. Twitter’s reporting is an Excel data dump with no custom features, which can be a hassle when looking for results quickly. No one wants to use a pivot table in a time crunch. Round three done, the clear winner: Facebook!

User Behavior

An average Twitter user is looking for fast content like news headlines or celebrity/influencer trends. The ability to scroll through your Twitter feed without even thinking is what users like most about the platform. Facebook, on the other hand, is more of an environment of mental consciousness. Scrolling is still a factor; however, you are more likely to stop and read that article or take time to glance through your best friend’s vacation album. When an ad comes up on Facebook, you know it’s an ad. If it interests you, you might just click on it. Facebook is also much more visual than Twitter in that users and advertisers are posting lots of images rather than just text statuses. The difference in ad display is obvious in the image below. And with the knockout…

Wpromote’s Take

Wpromote’s social team is following the trend of most advertisers worldwide: spend more on Facebook than on Twitter. Facebook is the obvious winner in many categories because advertisers feel it’s essential to a successful campaign. The ability for advertisers to use Facebook in order to reach more users in a simple setup for low costs is unmatched by other social platforms, even a powerhouse like Twitter. Facebook wins by KO!

When all’s said and done, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to evaluate, based on your own advertising needs, which platform works best for your business. Don’t count Twitter out just yet! The social network is constantly upgrading their interface, and additional ad offerings to help alleviate the pain points of many advertisers. The world of social media advertising is one of constant change. We are all just trying to keep up!


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