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Often times when we browse the net we find ourselves doing much of the same repetitive tasks such as: repeatedly entering/re-entering information (shopping online, Facebook logins, etc.), updating bookmarks, or using third party programs that require extra steps, and extra concentration.  These processes can get extremely tedious, and frankly really frustrating at times. Thankfully, there are several add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that address these issues.  Here are three of my favorite time savers:

1. LastPass (Firefox/Chrome) is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure.  I ripped that line directly from their website because it’s exactly what it does.  If you’re tired of having to constantly sign into your Twitter/Facebook/E-mail/Forum/Blog/Whatever account, then this is the answer to all of your problems.

Instead of laboriously entering your login info on Facebook/Twitter , you simply click the  ‘AutoLogin’ if you want to log in quickly or ‘AutoFill’ if you want your login information filled in for you.  What’s even better is your information is all securely stored online so you can use it on separate computers or browsers – all you need to do is install the extension! Just click on the link above for more info.

2. Xmarks (Firefox/Chrome) is a bookmark manager that stores all your bookmarks online.  Instead of having to constantly update/remove bookmarks for each of your browsers or machines, all you need to do is add Xmarks and synchronize everything with a click of a button.  Think of it as a LastPass for bookmarks.

3. MarkUp (Firefox/Chrome) allows you to easily express your thoughts quickly and easily on any webpage.  Have an adjustment you’d like your designer to make? Want to discuss likes/dislikes about a certain page?  Just use MarkUp and you can draw on any webpage without having to leave your browser.  After that, MarkUp gives you a published link that you can share with any of your colleagues! Easy as that!

Note: There is an extension for Chrome; Firefox users can drag a MarkUp button to their bookmarks for easy access.


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