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Facebook Advertising has proved to be one of the most effective marketing approaches a brand can leverage. However, there are three overlooked Facebook strategies and misconceptions associated with each of these approaches. We’re here to clear the air. The data in this blog is from a client of ours in the health and wellness vertical and was collected over a six-month period.

1. Page Post Engagement

In most advertisers’ eyes, page post engagement from a paid perspective is essentially a waste of investment dollars. However, from an organic perspective, engagement is everything. What if I told you page post engagement as a paid initiative is an effective method to drive cheap traffic, expand your reach, and drive revenue? Over this six-month period, that’s exactly what we did. We leveraged page post engagement across numerous campaigns and included a link in our ad copy to drive users to the site. The results were insightfully surprising!

What we achieved with campaigns optimized for page post engagement:

  • Revenue: $698,393
  • Conversion Rate: 12%
  • CPA: $13.59
  • Reach: 18,894,181
  • CPM: $8.18

2. Audience Network

Audience Network is an optional placement that can be utilized through Facebook Advertising. Facebook’s Audience Network allows you to expand your reach outside of Facebook and into mobile apps and websites. However, many advertisers feel that Audience Network as a placement is ineffective. They feel the quality of the audiences reached through this placement are not as qualified as users on Facebook. However, over this six-month period we were able to expand our reach, lower our CPC, and maximize conversions by leveraging the Audience Network.

What we achieved with campaigns leveraging Audience Network as a placement:

  • Revenue: $2,198,628
  • Conversion Rate: 6%
  • CPA: $20.34
  • Reach: 11,895,994
  • CPM: $8.09

3. Socialite Audience Segments

Bronto’s Socialite app is an effective way to capitalize on several audience segments that didn’t engage with your initial email marketing efforts. Socialite allows you to get very granular and turn these efforts into profits! Essentially, this was revenue that was left on the table. A common practice among many advertisers is simply uploading a non-segmented email list of anyone who has ever engaged with your brand through lead gen initiatives, newsletters, and other common methods used to acquire user information. Although this is a very effective method, Socialite gives you the capability to target users based on how they engaged with your email. For example, with Socialite, we’re able to create a segment of users who opened the email, but didn’t click through to the site, or even users who just didn’t open the email at all. By remarketing to them on Facebook, we were able to maximize the potential of each audience segment and turn these non-engaged users into paying customers!

What we achieved with campaigns targeting Socialite audience segments:

  • Revenue: $860,393
  • Conversion Rate: 8%
  • CPA: $17.14
  • CPM: $11.27

What we learned

Don’t Sleep On Page Post Engagement!

As an objective, page post engagement is an effective way to expand your reach and drive real results. With this objective, we were able to achieve our lowest CPA and one of our lowest CPM’s across the board. As a prospecting tool, this can be strategically used to drive cheap engagement and conversions. Also, with Facebook’s new targeting feature that allows you to build audiences based off of any user who engaged with your page, post, or ad, this can be a great retargeting audience to add to your mid-funnel initiatives.

Audience Network Is Effective!

This placement can be leveraged as an effective tool throughout each stage of the funnel. The Audience Network allowed us to achieve our lowest CPM, maximize our revenue, and generate conversions at a very efficient CPA.

Socialite Audience Segments FTW!

Socialite allowed us to capitalize on revenue that was simply left on the table. Although a general email list will do, segmenting lists accordingly can allow you to optimize more efficiently. For example, if we notice that users who didn’t open an email were converting at a much higher rate than other non-engaged segments, this can allow us to reallocate more investment to our top performing segments. It’s that simple!


By leveraging these three overlooked strategies, we were able to increase our ROAS by 101% and our AOV by 500%.

Moral of the story: the client was thrilled.


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