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Ever worried that text just wasn’t enough when it comes to fully expressing your many and complicated feelings? The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit in charge of regulating the standards for written text in all modern software, seems to sympathize with your plight. To help us all communicate with a bit more pictorial accuracy, they’ve added (approximately) 250 emojis to the Unicode Standard 7.0 release.


Their blog post on the subject provides a basic rundown of what’s available in the new standard, plus another small snapshot of the new emojis available. If you’d like to see the full character code and name list, you can check out this PDF from the Unicode Consortium, or read a text-only list over at Emojipedia. You’ll be able to use the Vulcan salute, maple leaves, pigs, explosions, cassette tapes, and the Mona Lisa to enrich your conversations and the lives of everyone you talk to.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use these new emojis just yet. Apple, Google, and Microsoft will need to update all of their fonts to be compliant with the new unicode standard before most computers and mobile devices will be able to read them. Still, now is a good time to start imagining the possibilities – and planning which ones you’re going to use to annoy your friends and loved ones.


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