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In 2009, lots of great things will be happening in the world of Wpromote and Search Marketing. Last year we attended several conferences, including SMX Advanced, SES, AdTech and Webmaster World or Pubcon. This year is going to start off strong and if you have any questions about Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to find us at several conferences this year, including:

SMX West Santa Clara

SMX West Santa Clara

This event put on by Danny Sullivan will be a great first conference for our team to get things really rolling in 2009. We’ll have a lot of new offerings from Landing Page Design, to Social Media Optimization and Viral Marketing Video Content to show off to potential clients and our colleagues. Some of us hopefully will be speaking at this event. We’ll keep you posted!
ses ny liberty

  • SES New York

I personally have never been to New York yet and am very enthusiastic about this conference. I’ve done Pubcon and SMX’s in LongBeach, Seattle, etc but this will be my first SES and I’m excited to get back to the ‘east coast hustle’ and see how the search world works in Eastern Standard Time!

  • adTech San Francisco
    adtech san francisco

This is more geared towards our Performance Marketing team who runs our Affiliate Programs and things along those lines, however many of the lines can be crossed – i.e. when they create sites that require SEO services for the clients, etc.

If you happen to be attending any of these conferences, don’t hesiate to tweet @wpromote or @kronis and find out where we will be to meet up and discuss anything Search related, or website related. This community is only getting smaller and smaller and the possibilities for your businesses just keep getting bigger and bigger (especially with things like twitter and social media these days).

Just think back in ’82 when you had a 300 baud modem to transfer a tiny program that took 2 hours just how things have changed. Now things change daily and just attending any one of these conferences will help you stay ‘ahead of the curve’ or at least ahead of those who think they may know it all from their home offices or labs working on some ‘next greatest thing’.

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2 thoughts on “2009 Search Conferences Wpromote will be attending for Social Media, PPC and SEO
  1. Mike Stone says:

    We will also be at Internet Retailer in Boston, in June. Should be a great conference.

  2. Brand4profit says:

    The old method of advertising is interactive marketing. The term is misleading. Most people think it means that there is some type of interaction on the part of the person advertised to, and there is. But, it is not conversational. Instead, the advertiser wants you to interact with their campaign in a specific set of steps. Following the call to action and visiting a website for instance. It’s the push to make you do something. Live this image. Buy this now.

    Social Media Marketing is just the opposite. It’s the pull of the tribe. The tribe already has your trust so the actions they take are ones you align with. On a larger scale, it’s the allure of belonging in the group as you take action together. “I am doing this so why don’t you do it with me?” On an individual level, the attraction is to behave the same way to get the same results that benefits your fellow tribeswoman or tribesman. “She looks hot! I want to look hot too. I want to go to her hairstylist” and you do. Social Media Marketing uses the power of attraction.

    While advertising tries to use the same tactic, with a billboard for instance, of a gorgeous woman telling you the benefits of the salon, it doesn’t have the same impact because it’s pushing you to go. It is not pulling you in as a trusted friend. Your friends have your best interests at heart and advertisers do not. Social Media Marketing is based on building trust and that foundation will make Social Media a dominant player in Marketing.

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