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Here are sixteen SEO tips that have been cultivated from experts around the web. After these suggestions have been completed, rest assured that they will not be taken down, don’t stress over rankings flying up and down the SERPs, hand these links to clients in confidence, because these tips are all white hat.  

1.) Earn authentic tweets for your content.  In addition to creating outstanding content/experiences/resources/products that are worth sharing, you can go through Twitter’s paid tweet services to hire someone to tweet your company’s latest news.  If you want to educate popular tweeters in a desired niche about your incredible content use FollowerWonk to find them.

2.) Become a go-to resource in your industry.  Offer unique research, intelligent opinions, be a resource for news and trend analysis, and provide a platform for great discussions.  Find conversations on forums and websites that you can contribute to with BoardReader.com.

3.) You know that interesting, well done videos are popular, and will continue to attribute to link acquisition. Having a video XML site map on your site will enhance the chances of videos from your site to appear in the SERPs.  Go optimize your video XML site map right now.

4.) Visual Media and infographics are easily shared, they have not lost their link luster yet.

5.) A type of link bait that is quickly gaining on visual media and infographics is web based tools and software.  If your company can develop a tool that saves people time, it will be shared.

6.) Content with topical information, or current news will generally contribute to a higher likelihood of being linked to.  Try to combine this idea with number 4 and 5 for effective link building campaigns.

7.) Another straight forward, yet essential strategy for attaining quality links, is to employ talented designers when constructing your site.  Find talented designers, post here, and take advantage of great links from CSS design sites.

8.) Be a trust worthy website, make sure to have a robust About Us page.  People will be more likely to write about you if they can verify that your company is the real deal.  Add links to your company’s Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts.  Make sure there are actual people’s contact info on your Contact Us pages.

9.) Brag, show people your testimonials and press releases.  Make sure there is a page that highlights your customer’s kind words on your site.  Go as far as to incentivize customers to contribute testimonials, especially on Google Places pages or your company’s Facebook page.

10.) Optimize the shopping experience for customers.  Make sure your purchase, or conversion, can be completed in under five clicks.  If the best route for your customers is not entirely clear for you, try utilizing Google Optimizer for A/B testing.  Another great website to assist you in the journey to determine the best version of your site is Unbounce.com.

11.) Ask real people what they expect to see from entering your key terms.  If you do not host their desired information, return to the drawing board.

12.) Optimize your website for local search, then make sure that once your site is ready to cater to your community, you register with services that will help you get noticed.  Here are a few suggestions:

a) http://www.bing.com/businessportal/

b) www.google.com/boost

c) http://getlisted.org/

d) biz.yelp.com

13.) Make sure your website and company are taking full advantage of free social profiles.  This is another tactic that will make real people, and Google, know you are a trusted brand.  Here are a few that you might not be aware of:

a) crunchbase.com – For tech companies

b) https://profiles.google.com/

c) http://www.quora.com/signup – Answer questions in your company’s niche, become an authority, get recognized.

d) Wikipedia Profile page.  Also contribute to wiki pages that deal with your company’s industry.

e) And many more.

14.) Inspire potential customers to search your brand.  One way to do this is to tweet “Look at what customers are saying about us”, then give them a Google query link.  Make sure the Google query includes testimonials from your Google Places page, Facebook page, and other destinations that feature your testimonials.

15.) In order to find websites that are mentioning your company search “your company name -site: your company’s URL (ex Wpromote -site:Wpromote.com), and the query you will get back shows you all the places your company is mentioned, except on your site.  Reach out to these sites, and get links from these sites.

16.) Don’t forget about the real world, develop a presence at conferences in your niche.  Keep track of them with Lanyard.com

There are no tricks in these SEO tips, only habits that will increase your client’s presence online.  SEO companies need to get away from the mind set of building reports just to fill a quota, but instead, exceed your client’s expectations by utilizing every tool online to help them succeed.


3 thoughts on “16 White Hat Link Building Tips
  1. Lonny says:

    Great Post! This is super informative, and is a good mix of basic and intermediate approaches that almost any site / professional could gain from.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great stuff to know

  3. Great checklist. I will make sure we are on all these lists, this will keep me busy for awhile!

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