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With 74% of the population using the Internet, online shopping continues to grow and online marketers continue to enhance the psychological factors that influence people to click “purchase” without them even realizing.  By 2016, Americans are expected to spend a staggering $327 billon on Internet stores and 58% of the U.S. population will have contributed.  People are shopping online for the ease, speed, and to SAVE MONEY.

As a result, companies have been focusing on increasing their online footprints with the help of online marketers such as Wpromote.  Online marketers are constantly gathering data to gain a better understanding of search behaviors and the psychological factors that increase the likelihood of a purchase.  Factors range from the keywords customers are searching, mind-sets that match keywords being searched, results being chosen, actions being taken on landing pages to the color and shape of the purchase button.

They are the cats and you as the customer are the mouse.  But, what happens when the mouse wants the cat to find him.  Why would the mouse ever ask for a death wish?  For the same top reason people shop online, to SAVE MONEY.

Last year, 70% of holiday shoppers said they purchased on the web rather than stores because promotions online are better than in-store.  Companies want you to purchase from their websites and do offer special online discounts, promotions, flash sales but not to everyone.  By being the mouse looking for the cat, you can increase your likelihood of being exposed to those special offers.

Google Shopping Online

10 ways to be the brave mouse, get targeted, and SAVE MONEY:

1. Be a brand evangelist.  Interact with your favorite companies through social media and joining online communities.  For example, by being proactive on a company’s Facebook page you could increase your exposure to their Facebook ads, retargeting through Facebook Exchange, Facebook offers, and promoted posts.  You can also find discount codes through Twitter.  Join communities to find deals.  Esquire has a section dedicated to daily deals.

2. Take advantage of pay per click campaigns.  Companies are spending money in Google to drive traffic to their sites.  Marketers know a special offer announced in the ad copy could lead to higher conversions.  Use discount words in your Google searches.  If a company is on top of their PPC campaign, they should be showing different ads for different search queries.  For example, someone searching for “discounted blue jeans” versus “blue jeans,” has a better chance of finding special discounted offers.

3. Keep an eye out for coupon extensions.  Companies are now adding coupon extensions to their PPC ads.  Take advantage of these.

4. Search on different days and at different times.  Some companies will lower prices to account for a drop in sales due to day of the week or time of the day.  For instance, I have found Wednesdays to be the best days to purchase plane tickets.

5. Fill your shopping cart and leave.  Shopping cart abandonment is a sweet spot for marketers. By adding products to your shopping cart and leaving you are telling them what you want to buy.  If the company is running a remarketing campaign, there is a good chance they will follow you with ads for the products you abandoned and try to get you back by offering a discount.

6. Tweak your search queries in the search engine.  Aside from searching with discount keywords, try searching for the “brand name + promo code.”  There are websites dedicated to providing promo codes.  Search for flash sales, click on a couple of the links.  You will soon notice flash sale ads following you around the Internet.   Try searches as easy as “company name” + coupons.

7. Subscribe to company newsletters.  Don’t worry you can always unsubscribe after you get your deal.  Companies understand they need to incentivize people to give up their email addresses and grow their email marketing campaigns.  Look for offers and promotions next to the submit button.  If there is not a check box for them, chances are you will receive an email with something like “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.  Here’s 10% off your next purchase.”

8. Take advantage of the little guys.  There are tons of companies out there with discount pricing who just do not have the marketing budget to compete for general searches.  As a result, these companies focus on long-tailed and very specific keywords.  Try longer search queries and specific product SKUs.  Instead of searching for “Samsung plasma tv” search for “Samsung PN43E450 43″ 720p Plasma TV on sale.”

9. Smart Shopping.  It is believed that some sites such as Hotwire will actually show you higher pricing if you revisit their site and run the same search.  Save money to spend on your trip by deleting your cookies before running a search for the second time.

10. You Already Know.  Take advantage of holiday shopping, using cash back programs, last minute booking sites, and deal sites.


One thought on “10 Secrets to Save Money Shopping Online: Taking Advantage of Marketing Strategies
  1. Great tips – thank you! I really like Poshmark for saving on apparel these days. I definitely like getting my favorite brands’ emails, but don’t sign up for too many or you will get spammed.

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