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This past Dec 8th-11th was spent in Miami Beach, FL at the 2010 AffCon Affiliate Conference. Here are several takeaways and a blog I wrote on the flight home about how NOT to be spammy on Facebook… because the two are so related (well, some affiliates have attempted to and even succeeded in spamming Facebook so maybe!).

Some AffCon 2010 Miami Takeaways:

Re: Online Gaming & Apps and end user costs…

Affcon   2010

1)  The future of this space is making ALL the apps entirely free to the end user, but with simply making them download ‘add-on’s to remove the ads.

The entire app is FREE and everything in it is free, but it has ads. If you want to get the ‘AD FREE’ version, then you need to simply download the ‘ad free pack’ which does that.

By doing this ‘3rd party download’, the ads go away and some monetary amount (~45 cents or so?) then goes to the original app owner for the download – AT NO COST TO THE END USER.

I know I would download something for free to get Angry Birds to stop serving ads.

Angry Birds vs Droid

Facebook Virtual Currency2) Virtual currency is the future! soon you will be comparing your ‘Facebook credits’ to the Euro!
In March of this year Facebook applied to trademark its currency!

Scary? Interesting? Inspiring?

3) Metrics and ROI
Metrics are becoming increasingly important and more siloed into different areas of your business.


  • Break down the areas into what your ROI goals are and how to measure them.
  • Create analytics reports based on specific things.
  • BEFORE you go into analytics, Plan what you will be looking for so you don’t waste time while in there.

And now… presenting:

The Top 10 Ways to Not Be Spammy on Facebook.

1) Disconnect your Twitter from Facebook. Twitter Bird

Although it is convenient to use a connected twitter account to update your status everywhere at once, the minute you do anything that is ‘twittery’ such as retweet or use a hashag, you are pulling stuff into Facebook that doesn’t belong there or make sense to your non-tweeting users… who may then unfollow you or hide your feeds.

2) Disconnect the ‘import blog’ feature in Facebook ‘notes’.
I fully encourage posting ALL your blogs into Facebook, but instead of doing it this way, it is less spammy if you simply write your blog and then after you post it, click ‘share’ on your blog.  Then write a short sentence about why this post is worth reading and unique.

3) Never add people then immediately post links on their walls. This is annoying, the wrong way to ‘Facebook’ and you will piss off people who don’t want to see your ‘link clutter’ on their walls. I don’t care whether or not you listen to my advice, you will simply lose followers/friends and shrink your network with this irresponsible activity.

4) Don’t tag people in photos that are not them.
It is super annoying when someone tags you because they just want to spam your feed or your users. This activity will likely also cause you to often be quickly mass-unfriended or ‘hidden’ in feeds if you practice it.

5) Don’t abuse ‘birthday wall traffic’. This means don’t be an idiot and post your stupid non-relevant image link advertisement on people’s walls on their birthdays. That’s NOT what friends are for.

6) Don’t send messages to multiple friends with events or things you are promoting. it ‘devalues’ your network and will cause people to hide/unfriend you. If you must send something out, do it personally to your friends and close network with a ‘personalized’ email to each person telling them what you are doing and why you would like them to look at it/share it.  Provide them with value first so they ‘want to share it’, not feel like you are telling or shouting at them or asking them for ‘needy’ shares… it’s pathetic.

7) Share others’ meaningful posts and links (if you like the content) all the time.

GOLDEN RULE: “If You Share You Will Get More” – [Thanks @SEOMom] this is actually a selfish reason to share!

  • Teaching this to children will encourage them to share on the basis of them ‘wanting more’.
  • When you first friend someone (I love how ‘friend’ is a verb now), if you like what they are doing on Facebook, perhaps show more devotion/support (try not to stalk please) and follow their Twitter, ‘like’ any pages they have or interesting comments/funny comments/ posts, etc. as this will truly show them that you are watching and participating in their stream. Don’t post on their walls right away. Maybe try a personal message first or interact with them via comments on their posts or on their wall -> by ‘engaging the user’ it sends them a subliminal message letting them know that you are an active part of their network.

8.) Don’t add people you don’t know. Even if their profile picture says ‘ADD ME ANYONE’ It still sends a red flag and is annoying to filter through for the user with the ‘friend requests’ that are ‘fishy’. Instead (and Facebook is getting better at recognizing this a lot more lately and not allowing people to mass add or add people outside of their network) simply send them a message ‘asking’ them to add you and explain why they should.

If you are just trying to market to them, then they SHOULD NOT ADD YOU BECAUSE THAT’S HOW FACEBOOK WORKS.

9) Adding games and apps.

  • If you choose to use some of the online apps or games offered on Facebook, before you sign up for them, understand how they are setup and what they can automatically post.
  • There’s nothing more annoying then someone asking you to ‘buy more points’ or ‘do some random thing’ that only happens in a game that they are not participating in. Obviously that’s the brilliance of that gaming module, that it will get the novice users who simply don’t know how to turn off those spammy notifications.
  • I would simply remove Farmville, MafiaWars and anything else that could post to your stream and annoy your network.

The Real Thing Faith No More Vinyl

10) BE REAL.

Don’t be an automated, mashable retweeting, sheep all the time!

Be the Real Thing. Like Faith No More who played their last US show on Dec 1st, 2010 at the Palladium.

Till next time! Your friendly neighborhood SEO Evangelist,



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