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Instagram is #savage. After pulling a Melania Trump on Snapchat, Instagram launched their newest feature, Instagram Stories, earlier this week. So how is it different from Snapchat? Well, it’s really not. The concept mimics Snapchat Stories, but Snapchat doesn’t seem too worried.


***Photo is not real

Instagram users are now able to let loose and post more frequently without sabotaging their perfectly curated Instagram aesthetic. Still sounds a lot like Snapchat, right? Kinda. Let’s break down how Instagram Stories differ:

1. Saving Full Stories

Although Instagram allows you to save individual stories or even post stories directly to your Instagram profile, you cannot save an entire story in a single click. Bad news for those professional over-sharers that post an excessive amount of underwhelming content (like me).


2. Story Navigation

Instagram Stories allow you to swipe right on a story to get to a different user’s content, but it also allows you to swipe left and go back to the story you were just on. Snapchat only lets you swipe right. Thankfully, you can also swipe both ways on Tinder.


3. Screenshots

Oh the joy of knowing who the ultimate creeps (or best friends) are when they screenshot your snaps! Instagram does not let you know who screenshots your stories.

4. Story Exclusions

Drama momma! Instagram allows you to specifically block your mom, ex, or anyone else from a specific story. I can already imagine the ‘I can’t believe you blocked me from that story’ text fights now.


5. Story Views

Snapchat only shows up to 100 snap viewers. Instagram allows you to see the full viewer list so you can always check to see who’s watching and get mad at the friends who aren’t.

6. Report photos

On each Instagram Story, users can send a direct message (like on Snapchat), but they can also report individual stories. Stay thirsty, my friends. But, don’t.


7. Front Camera Flash

Come on Instagram, I want that good lighting! Instagram Stories allow you to record with light, but do not (yet) have a light option for selfie stories. Snapchat does.

8. Camera Feature

On Snapchat, you can quickly change camera views (selfie or non-selfie style) during the duration of a single snap. Instagram stories must be shot in one style for the story’s entirety.

9. Load Time

Hopefully this is just a bug, but the buffer and load time for Instagram Stories has been horrendous. I’ve quickly given up on some stories because it took too long to load.

10. Higher Quality Photos

Where Instagram lacks in load time, it makes up for in higher quality, higher resolution photos. Snapchat is known for having grainy, color-defective snaps or photos of a lesser quality.

It will be interesting to see how this affects individuals who rely on their Instagram photos over Snapchat personalities. Instagram will not only showcase the picture perfect (nearly unobtainable) lifestyle users portray, but will allow followers to see a more raw, authentic version of that person – for better or for worse.


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