Social Media Approach

It’s Not One Size Fits All

If there is an opposite of "one size fits all", the right Social Media strategy would be it. A well executed Social Media strategy needs to represent the voice of your brand and your values as well as educate and engage your audience, expand your footprint and positively impact your bottom line. Taking that all in, it's no wonder that so few brands have cracked the code. At Wpromote, our goal is to do exactly that, and leverage Social Media to positively impact your overall online presence.

Messaging Optimization

With Facebook revealing that only 12% of Facebook posts ever even reach their followers**, understanding and optimizing the frequency and messaging mix has a monumental impact on the success of your Social Media campaign. At Wpromote, we understand and embrace this. We group all types of messages into three main buckets of message types:

  • Transactional Messaging - Promotions, sales, links to the eCommerce store, new products and services
  • Engagement Messaging - Elicits audience participation with photos, polls, voting and questions
  • Community Messaging - News about charity, industry updates and relevant third-party content

For every Social Media client, the optimal mix of these message types varies, and by tracking the engagement and ROI from each of these message categories we arrive at the optimal mix for your brand. For example, an eCommerce store with a strong following might arrive at a mix of 25%-40%-35% for the three messaging buckets.

Inside each of these broad buckets of messages are dozens of variations: for your brand, users may be more active in answering questions than posting photos. By optimizing both across our three defined buckets as well as within them, we dramatically increase the reach and impact of our clients’ Social Media campaigns.

Social Media Promotion Initiatives

Within the passive but constantly “on” environment that is Facebook, you need to stand out from the noise with Social Media Promotions in order to have the periodic “pop” that will deliver your ROI.

With an arsenal of initiatives at our disposal within your Social Media campaign, we start by working backwards from your business goals: are you looking to sell products, generate leads, drive offline actions such as walking into a store or dealership, expand your Social Media footprint or achieve a combination of those goals?

Once this is understood, we create a Social Media Initiative Calendar and hit the ground running, using a broad array of initiatives:

  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Photo or Video Submissions
  • Content-Sharing Initiatives
  • Printable Coupons for Offline Interactions
  • Online or Social Media Exclusive Deals
  • Incentives to Visit Website

The "+1" & Facebook "Like" Effect

The effect that a successful Social Media campaign has, no longer ends at the gates of Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Rather, the impact of the ubiquitous Facebook “Like” button and the Google “+1” button now has the ability to profoundly impact SEO rankings and PPC results.

Every time a user clicks a "Like" or "+1" button – whether on a Google search results page, an eCommerce store, within or outside of Facebook or reading the news online – this data is fed to Google and Facebook, and becomes the “Social Endorsements” that we are now seeing directly integrated into the search results of Google and Bing.

What happens now? When anyone connected to you on Facebook or any of Google’s services (such as Gmail) searches for something, data from those buttons now result in thumbnail images and very clear social endorsements, which result in higher clickthrough rates, more conversions and ultimately higher SEO rankings and lower PPC costs. The tremendous takeaway here is that a successfully implemented Social Media campaign and social strategy now impacts the results of your other avenues of online marketing.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media is not just about creating the conversation, educating and striking interest; it is also about listening. It can be an invaluable tool to address customer service, solve problems, improve products and ultimately provide a better business relationship with your customers.

Your customers, and potential customers are talking to you, talking about you and talking for you. You just need to know where to listen and how to digest and draw powerful conclusions from them.

As part of our Social Media campaigns, we are your ears to the ground. We help identify sentiment trends, customer needs and opportunities to improve, and use that to help optimize your Social Media communication as well as improve your products, services and customer experience.

Social Media Reporting

The reporting elements of Social Media campaigns include the “what”, the “why” and the “what’s next”. Reports are a mix of both metrics and analytics to gauge overall progress as well as how results affect future strategy, as Social Media campaigns are inherently a fluid process. Social Media reporting includes:

  • Statistics on Messaging Views, Comments, Shares & Favorites
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of User Interactions
  • Buzz & Sentiment Analysis
  • Screenshots of Editorial & Feature Placements
  • Results of Social Media Initiatives
  • Commentary on Forward-Looking Strategy

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