SEO is no longer just about the optimization of technical factors on a website or having built-in SEO. In fact, only a small fraction of search experience optimization includes technical website factors, while the majority of it is made up of pieces that require constant ongoing work, like content generation and maintaining a robust web presence across multiple platforms. Effective SEO is vital to a successful and comprehensive marketing strategy, and our approach to SEO prioritizes quality over instant results. At Wpromote, our goal is to bring clients more leads by increasing your online visibility and reputation. Your GoSEO campaign will include:

  • Website Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Link Development

With GoSEO you are assigned a dedicated consultant who will actively manage your campaign, be your point of contact for any questions, and report on the success of your campaign each month. You will immediately recognize that we have mastered the unique synergy needed between expert human management and technology to drive the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Website Optimization

Your GoSEO consultant will evaluate your website to determine how technical factors are contributing to natural rankings in the search engines. Evaluation and optimization can be made on the following:

  • Keyword Rich Content That Is Geo-Specific
  • Use Of Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Presence & Accuracy of HTML/XML Sitemaps
  • Proper Use Of Domains & Redirects
  • Content Optimization & Development
  • Duplicate Content Discovery & Resolution

Local SEO

As a small business it is important that your SEO campaign focuses on targeting local keywords and optimizing your local listings, such as your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information. Local directories are filled with misinformation and duplicate listings of your business that can be extremely detrimental to your web presence and online reputation if they are not directly controlled on an ongoing basis. We will eliminate that danger by directly managing and optimizing over sixty local listing sites, including:

  • Google My Business
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • Citysearch
  • Insider Pages

Reputation Management

Growing and managing your online reputation is key to creating a successful online presence that will bring in new business. We will develop strategies hand-in-hand with you to make sure your happy customers are writing reviews online where they matter most. We also work with you to identify and resolve potentially negative reviews that could otherwise be extremely damaging to your business’s online brand. It takes time, investment, and ongoing nurturing to build a positive brand offline and online is no different, other than the mechanisms involved. It is something that needs to be managed daily and never ignored, which is what we are here for.

Link Development

Gathering inbound links from reputable websites is a key element of SEO and can give you an edge over your competition. Wpromote’s innovative approach carefully considers a link’s value from the search engine’s point of view before acquiring the link to derive maximum benefit. Our link development campaigns include:

  • Competitor Link Analysis
  • Link Acquisition & Management
  • Article Creation & Distribution
  • Digital PR
  • Content Placement
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Community Outreach

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