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Let’s face it people. Most of us spend our free time at work checking-in on our fantasy sports teams. “Us” of course excludes hardcore nerds, many women and guys who were in a league once but never adjusted their team (and probably auto-drafted), thus not being allowed in any future leagues. But again, the rest of “us”…fantasy league addicts.

The problem with being a fantasy sports addict as opposed to a heroin addict is that when you lose at fantasy sports you have to live with the pain. When you lose with heroin you feel nothing. So naturally, fantasy sport addicts will try to do everything they possibly can to get updated information on player’s injuries, city’s weather reports, the state of the playing field, the team’s weekly motivation, if the players go to the bathroom just before they play (in horse racing this is sometimes an indicator of how well a horse will run) and any other tidbits of information that can help the fantasy sports player win their week, league and thus, life.

This week’s Wednesday Web Series, Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Minute, gives sports addicts some brief, easy to digest fantasy suggestions based on sports news. There really are hundreds of websites that do this exact thing, but if you want to find some non-ESPN opinions about prioritizing your QB draft pick or finding a surging baseball player to add to your team before your league’s playoffs start, you may want to give a Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Minute a minute of your time.

Check out the most recent Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Minute episode about QB options, below.


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