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Viral Video Friday…because your brain needs a break.

Bontrust Finance: Increase in Currency (Money Love)

Real Wolverine Claws – Homemade – X-Man

Free Hugs Prank- $2 Deluxe Hugs

Puke In My Mouth – MsTaken.com

T-Mobile “Hey Jude”


5 thoughts on “Viral Video Friday!
  1. Jesse Bouman says:

    My deluxe hugs are only $1. Come and get them. You know where I sit.

  2. Jonathan says:

    The puke in my mouth video proves once again…hot chicks….not funny.

  3. marcyzuendel says:

    I’d give him $2.00 just for wearing that amazing t shirt!

  4. Chris Laub says:

    I’m pretty sure I sent you all of these.

  5. Holly says:

    Deluxe hugs? What a great idea to make some extra cash;)

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