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Bites from a SEO Bombshell

Brains, Beauty and SEO- Trifecta!

As this will be the first of many guest posts for Wpromote’s blog, I feel it is only right I begin by explaining the start of my career here at Wpro. I was hired one year ago as a “link-ninja,” or rather, Online PR Manager in our SEO department. Upon my first day, I joined an all-male team, lead by our crazy Canadian director, Aaron Kronis. I distinctly recall one afternoon there was this excitement going around our department because my team realized they could set their desk phone to the same ringtone as Jack Bauer. I stood there in my BCBG dress, Miu Miu bag in hand, perplexed, as I had never seen the show “24.”

Needless to say, I was a bit of a fish out of water. However, I quickly earned my team’s respect as I obtained online press (and links!) for all our clients. Despite my passion for all things tech, it could not be denied I also had a passion for fashion. My nickname of “link-ninja” quickly shifted to “SEO bombshell.”

This blog is for all other tech “bombshells” out there. You know who you are.


There are millions of fashion blogs, and everyone claiming to be a “fashionista” (which, by the way, is a term I passionately loathe). Here is an overview of three sites I can’t live a day without visiting. All are unique in their own right, and provide a different benefit to me, and now, hopefully, you too. Ready bombshells?

1. Culture of Cute | |

With so many fashion blogs and endless amounts of information online, it is hard to keep up with it all. Culture of Cute (COC) updates two to three times per day, so I know I never miss a post. All information is displayed in a clean, easy-to-consume format, one that won’t make your head spin. Best part is COC will list where you can find the featured designer dud, and then also cover a similar look at a fraction of the cost. A high-end fashion blog, also featuring clothes us 20-something techies can afford? Brills!

Culture Of Cute

2. WhoWhatWear | |

Taking tips from WhoWhatWear (WWW), you can outfit yourself to look as though you were just dressed by an A-list stylist (and being an LA transplant, that is like, so in-sanely important). The girls of WWW do a phenomenal job of covering the latest celebrity beauty, fashion, and style trends. My favorite reoccurring feature is “What Was She Wearing?” when they track down the brand of a clothing piece or accessory as photographed on your favorite celebrity or style icon. I die.

Who What Wear

3. SaucyGlossie | |

There are many fashion bloggers shooting pictures of themselves in their fabulous clothes, all day long, leaving us readers in bewilderment as to how they can afford a Chanel blouse and Christian Louboutin heels by, well, being a fashion blogger. At SaucieGlossie, blogger Lindsey Calla is an ex-Cosmopolitan fashion assistant, who has turned her love for everything “glossie” into a blog. The best part is there is something truly endearing about the tone of her posts. Perhaps it is because she will admit to having had to save up for Marc Jacobs boots, and will accessorize with jewelry from Forever 21… you know, like us common folk who can’t quite afford Louboutins… yet.

Saucy Glossie

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