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Viral Video Friday!

Wpromote is going to the Dodgers game tonight…but that doesn’t mean we’re not having Viral Video Friday!

Office 2010: The Movie

Michael Jackson Flashmob Tribute in Stockholm

Bleeding Billboards

United Breaks Guitars

First Person Shooter Disease

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Viral Video Friday!

It’s not actually Friday but it feels like a Friday today (3 day holiday weekends will do that). Therefore, we’re going to make today Viral Video Friday! It’s been nearly a week since the passing of Michael Jackson and we still can’t believe the news. To honor his musical legacy, this week’s Viral Video Friday is dedicated to the King of Pop himself, may he rest in peace.


Man in the Mirror

Smooth Criminal

Billie Jean

Leave Me Alone

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Viral Video Friday!

Just because Wpromote is having a Chili Cook off this afternoon doesn’t mean we’re not going to have Viral Video Friday! Enjoy!

Deadline Post-It Stop Motion

Deadline – The Making Of

Hammer Pants Dance

Remi Gaillard: Foot 2009

Real Street Fighter Wannabe

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Viral Friday!

These videos are dedicated to Amir Shoucri. The Viral Team will miss you dude.

Make The Girl Dance “Baby Baby Baby” (Official Video )


Celebrity Twitter Overkill: SuperNews!

SNL Digital Short: Motherlover

MVPs -Kobe vs. LeBron (Chalk)