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Viral Video Friday

It’s a new year but the same old Viral Video Friday. To start off 2010 we have a brand new computer phone, a useless box, a daredevil, a lush of a diva, and a psuedo Na’vi.

Nexus One: “Web Meets Phone”
Google unveiled their answer to the iPhone this week, Nexus One. Will it be an iPhone killer? Only time will tell, but did anyone else find it interesting that Google highlighted the talking GPS feature? Can your iPhone do that?

The Most Useless Machine EVER!
Somehow, I don’t think this ranks up there with Eli Whitney’s the cotton gin.

Travis Pastrana Jumps 269 Feet in Rally Car!
Just down the 405 in Long Beach, California, Travis Pastrana pushes the envelope once again by jumping a rally car 269 feet. I think Red Bull had some sort of involvement.

Mariah’s Bizarre Acceptance Speech
Mariah Carey has been blowing up the web with her intoxicated acceptance speech. Let’s hope she was just having a good time that night and it wasn’t an indication of her marriage to Nick Cannon.

Avatar Makeup Tutorial
Avatar has made over a billion dollars thus far and everyone is catching Avatar fever. “Glowpinkstah” is one of the many Avatar fans, so much so that she decided to “Pay her respects to the people of Pandora and do a make up tutorial.” Sit down, get your pen and paper because she will bring out the real Na’vi from within.

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Viral Video Friday!

This gloomy SoCal Friday brings you a Facebook obsessed couple, my future son, high tech stuff from Google and SI, and worst video trend of 2009.

At My Wedding Twitterring and Facebooking at the Altar
Why are the good ones always taken?

I’m Yours (Ukulele)
In 10 years, this is going to be my kid. By the way…I already own a ukulele.

Google Goggles
You’ve heard of Beer Goggles but have you heard of Google Goggles?

Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5
Not your typical bathroom reading material.

This Year In Auto-Tune 2009
I hope when we’re done with the year 2009 that also means we’ll be done with auto-tune.

EMBED-This Year in Auto-Tune 2009 – Watch more free videos

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Viral Video Friday!

First week back from the Thanksgiving holiday can always be tough but we have some breast cancer awareness, Legos, animals, and a pop star parody for you today.

Pink Glove Dance

We’re a few weeks late posting this video but we’re going to do it anyways because you can never be late raising awareness for breast cancer.

Lego Matrix Trinity Help
What would you do with 440 hours and few Legos?

Surprised Kitty
You’d be surprised how many people watched a woman play with her cat.

The Drench Clever Hamsters Jazz Band – Official Ad
Don’t hamsters make you thirsty?

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance Parody
Maybe you didn’t like us posting Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video…will a parody make you feel better?

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Viral Video Wednesday!

Welcome to our special edition of Viral Video Wednesday. Wpromote will be out of the offices for Thanksgiving, but we’ll leave you with the best Thanksgiving videos. Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Schoolhouse Rock – No More Kings
Memories from Saturday morning…

Viral Video Film School: People Eating Weird Things
Think your aunt’s cooking is still bad?

The Sexy Pilgrim
Hide your wives, daughters, and sisters…here comes the Sexy Pilgrim!

The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler
No intro needed.

Thanksgiving Comedy

There are no chickens in stand up comedy.

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Viral Video Friday!

We’ve got 5 more viral videos this week including a tipsy lady, an animated short, PC dancing, and yet another auto tuned mash up.

Drunk Pole Dancing Gone Wrong
Drink responsibly so you’re not “That Girl” at the party.

Pigeon: Impossible
What does nearly 5 years and a hundred artists and musicans get you? A 6 minute short.

Pigeon: Impossible Podcast #001 – The Production Triangle

Pigeon: Impossible director Lucas Martell sums up his first digital short, “Some things take a little longer than you expect… ”

Microsoft Store – Breaks Out into Song
Are you sure this isn’t an Apple store? Wait, that’s right, Apple would never do this.

Kanye and Charlie AUTO TUNED!
Will auto tune ever go away?

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Viral Video Friday!

We’ve got all kinds of videos for you on this Friday the 13th. Sports, internet, talk shows, and pop music…enjoy!

New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert Plays Dirty
Junior soccer player Elizabeth Lambert will do anything to win.

Andre Iguodala Trick Shot
Trick shots are always fun and they make you wonder, “Was that real?”

Five Years of Firefox
The story of Mozilla Firefox’s first five years.

Carrie Prejean on Larry King
In a strange moment, Carrie Prejean On Larry King Live threatens to leave the show because she feels Larry is being “Inappropriate”

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance- Official Video
After a teaser video, Lady Gaga’s new music Bad Romance hits the web.

No one was more excited for this video than Wpromote’s own Lauren Ballein :)

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Viral Video Friday

How to Open a Bottle of Wine?
Don’t have a bottle opener? This guy has a solution.

Christopher Walken Poker Face Halloween
Lady Gaga’s lyrics have never sounded sweeter.

The Golden Age of Video – By Ricardo Autobahn
A catchy little mash up.

Drunk Ewok Moonwalks & Molests Al Roker on Today Show
An Ewok takes advantage of live television.


Subaru Impreza STI converted into the world’s fastest snow cat

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Viral Video Friday

Happy Halloween!

2009 Best Apple iPhone Costume ever!
Everything’s better life sized.

Impossible Bball Shot With Baseball Bat
Did this kid really hit a basketball with a bat and make the basket?

Impossible Bball Shot With Baseball Bat – Watch more Funny Videos

Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart
Jimmy Kimmel reminds Melissa Joan Hart when her acting was last relevant.

U2 on YouTube
You probably shouldn’t watch this at work since it’s the entire U2 concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, but the concert was one of the largest live streamed events this year.

Spike Jones Man Slaps Kanye West
Revenge for Taylor Swift?

Behind the Scenes With Kanye from We Love You So on Vimeo.

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Viral Video Friday!

It’s a foggy day in Los Angeles, but these videos should clear things up.

Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction
Learn Google Wave from Jules Winnfield .

Massive paint fight for Samsung Corby
Sao Paulo. 200 People. 2,000 liters of paint.

Grocery Store Musical
A musical in a grocery store in Queens.

Jonas Brother’s new music video gets 2.4 million views in a week.

Droid for Verizon Wireless explains what the iPhone doesn’t do.

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Viral Video Friday!

“Balloon Boy” Falcon Henne Admits: “We Did This For The Show”

“Paranormal Activity” – Official Trailer [HQ HD]

Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer

Good Bye Twitter – Miley Cyrus