Tues News: 3/9 (Sweating the Small Stuff Edition)

For the companies most involved with search marketing, it’s not always about the actual dollars and cents. Sometimes, companies focus on auxiliary projects to try and better your user experience, increase your dependence on their products or improve your opinion of their brand. Don’t get me wrong, the hope is that these sorts of investments will pay off in real dollars in the long run, but if a company can do some of the small things well, the return on investment can be both well-deserved and highly profitable. Today, we’ll take a look at three such efforts taken by search marketing leaders (Google and MSN) as well as the provider of the dominant medium for mobile ads (Apple via the iPhone). Let’s get going! Google is the master at sweating the small stuff in order to get the big payoff in the end. Just think about Google Maps. Sure, there … Continue reading

Tues News: 10/13 (Cause for Optimism Edition)

This economy is just brutal, isn’t it? It seems like whenever there is a hint of good news, bad news isn’t far behind. You might hear a rumor that things are improving but usually that news is followed by “don’t get your hopes up!” talk. Times are tough but things aren’t all bad! In fact, there are plenty of good things going on in the world of search marketing and new areas of opportunity are presenting themselves every week. Today’s edition of the Tues News celebrates some of the developments in search marketing that give us cause for optimism. So, without further ado, let’s get going: If everyone is doing it, it must be a good idea, right? Okay, well, although that’s terrible logic for most things, there is often something to the idea of following trends. If search ad spend was up 10% in Q3 of 2009, that has … Continue reading

Tues News: 6/9 (Brady Bunch Edition)

If the three major search engines were represented by the girls from the Brady Bunch, Google would most certainly be Marcia. Always the center of attention, considered by most to be the most elegant and amazing system, Marcia and Google are cut from the same cloth. Can’t you just picture Yahoo as Jan Brady saying, “All I hear all day long at school is how great Google is at this or how wonderful Google is at that. Google, Google, Google!” It’s true that Google is the dominant player in the search game, but perhaps we should focus our attention on some of the other news in the search marketing arena for a change. Today will be a Google-free Tues News. You’re welcome, everyone-other-than-Google. Bing.com, MSN’s new search project, is the hottest topic in search as it’s the first major innovation from one of the big three in quite some time. … Continue reading

Tues News: 5/26

I hope that everyone had an outstanding Memorial Day. I, for one, went golfing with some friends and managed to hit no worse than a gentleman’s 15 on any given hole. Impressive, I know. The highlights of the day included two double bogeys that showed that my potential is very likely unlimited. You’d never know that this was my first time on a real course for the purpose of playing golf (note: I’ve walked on several golf courses for the purpose of visiting friends and elderly relatives that live adjacent to golf courses). Yes, it was a relaxing and fun weekend for me and I’m hoping you enjoyed your weekend as well. Well, now it’s Tuesday which is, traditionally, our news day. Despite not having had yesterday to prepare, we (and by we, I mean Amanda again) were able to find three interesting articles to keep you informed. The big … Continue reading

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Tues News: 4/21

It is an absolutely brilliant Tuesday here in El Segundo, California, with temperatures hovering around 78 degrees (down from the mid-90s yesterday). Such a lovely Tuesday deserves and equally lovely news-day, don’t you think? I certainly do and that’s why I’ve assembled three interesting stories from around the world wide web for you to keep you caught up on the goings on in search marketing. With the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN) all represented, we’ve got a diverse cross section of current events. Let’s get going! The most fascinating new player to the world of online advertising is Digg, the most famous social news aggregator on the net. Digg has recently broken ties with MSN and will begin to doing its own advertising in the style of Facebook. From what I’ve seen, Facebook owning its own ads has been a relative success, insofar that advertisers are pretty excited about … Continue reading