Proper Image Optimization For SEO

Google’s recent algorithm changes have made Image Search Optimization more important to overall SEO campaign efforts now more than ever. Google is now including more images on the 1st page of organic search results. This is a perfect opportunity for marketers to put their images in front of users’ eyes.  The Basics of Image Search: In order for your images to rank more highly in image search, there are several important steps that should be implemented. Pay attention to your File Names – It’s extremely important to use a file name that describes what the photo captures. Make the file name as descriptive as you possibly can. Also, the file name should utilize hyphens between words. For example:  Utilize Alt Text – Originally ALT text was designed for screen readers or visually impaired people to know what the photo on their screen was showing. The goal is to use it … Continue reading

How To Get More Traffic By Optimizing Your Images for Organic Search

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: Organic image search can work well for many web sites, but isn’t necessarily perfect for every business. It might be great for online retailers, hotels, and travel agencies, but not so much for the local plumber. Why Pay Attention Now? On July 20th, Google announced their revamped and oh-so-nicer version of Google Images. The new layout now includes a more slick grid format, thumbnail previews when you hover over an image and up to 1,000 images per page. Let me repeat that last one, up to 1,000 images on each page. As you scroll down on an image search results page, the page continues to populate itself with new image content. For the average user, after two minutes of browsing, they may feel like they are still on page 1 when in fact they are much deeper in Google’s image index (which … Continue reading