A Brief on Google Suggestions, Instant & Local Search

So with the combination of Google suggestions (autocomplete), Google Instant search and Local Search, this could really help your company or wreck it. It has been quite exciting for many in the industry (as many Google algorithm updates have been), but for those that began seeing “scam” following their company, that is a different story. Here are some pointers to keep your head intact. Starting with Google Suggestions Well, while at SMX, I’ve heard a few interesting things about Google suggestions, one being from Avi Wilensky. Here is the briefing of an experiment he did. 1. Chose a set of key phrases that no one would ever type – Avi Wilensky tycoon – Avi Wilensky rockstar 2. Crowdsourced his friends from different regions to repeat those specific search queries. 3. After a few weeks of this, things looked promising. When anyone began searching his name, Google began suggesting “tycoon” and … Continue reading