The Net Stays Neutral, For Now

The question of net neutrality has been a topic of concern since the advent of the Internet, but a 2005 decision by the FCC changed the landscape, giving internet service providers or ISPs the legal right to looser regulation and thus increasing their power to control online communication. Since 2005, there has been much regulation in favor of net neutrality, and investigation into unlawful practices by the ISP. If ISPs were given the control they want over web traffic, broadly understood as  the ability to price internet access according to the amount of bandwith being used, complicated questions arise. Would liberal ISP control over what is prized as a hotbed of enterprise and free speech infringe on American’s 1st amendment rights and inhibit healthy competition among businesses? Would ISPs leverage their control to pad their profits by subtly favoring their own online properties? Would Americans sit quietly while the cost … Continue reading