A Smattering of SEO News: 4/19/13


Hello, and welcome to the new weekly feature here on Wpromote that we’re calling a Smattering of SEO News. Each week we’ll present a rundown of the most important SEO news pieces from the previous week, and we’re starting with a doozy. This week you’ll find quite a bit of news from Google, as well as news from Yandex, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Have a great weekend! Google News: Google Reaches Deal with EU, Will Label Own Results – Google has reached a deal with EU regulators who accused it of anticompetitive practices in regards to ranking Google’s own services higher than its competitors. According to the deal, Google will clearly label all search results that are theirs, making them easier to spot and distinguish from competitors. Google Faces Two New Anticompetitive Lawsuits – British mapping service Streetmap has filed a lawsuit … Continue reading

How To Get More Traffic By Optimizing Your Images for Organic Search

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: Organic image search can work well for many web sites, but isn’t necessarily perfect for every business. It might be great for online retailers, hotels, and travel agencies, but not so much for the local plumber. Why Pay Attention Now? On July 20th, Google announced their revamped and oh-so-nicer version of Google Images. The new layout now includes a more slick grid format, thumbnail previews when you hover over an image and up to 1,000 images per page. Let me repeat that last one, up to 1,000 images on each page. As you scroll down on an image search results page, the page continues to populate itself with new image content. For the average user, after two minutes of browsing, they may feel like they are still on page 1 when in fact they are much deeper in Google’s image index (which … Continue reading

Google Images, New and Improved!

We have all done it. Searched the pages of Google Images to find that perfect picture for… your blog. Well it seems like it may get even easier to find that instant gratification… for your blog. Google has done it again. They have come up with a new way to give you the results you want called VisualRank. The scientists over at Google have designed an algorithm that combines image-recognition software with classic Google ranking. Image search results are currently determined through basic image tagging. This definitely hinders the results as it relies on webmaster’s content and alt-image tags, and we all know people aren’t perfect. So when you search one thing, you may end up with something completely different, especially when you turn filtering off. But you already knew that didn’t you? As it stands now Google uses employees to rank the images that they store. There is a … Continue reading