A Smattering of SEO: 7/30/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news. Much of this past week’s news was dominated by a new animal in the Google kingdom, and by that I mean an algorithm shift, so let’s take a look!   Google News: Google Launches “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm – This is the big news, folks. A few days ago, Google launched a new algorithm specifically aimed at improving local search. According to Google, the update goes deeper into web search capabilities such as synonyms, the Knowledge Graph, and misspellings. These additions, along with improved distance and location ranking parameters, should help give users better local results. So far it’s already cleared up one problem Google was having with Yelp, in which the local search giant complained their results were being ignored in favor of Google’s. We’re still not sure as to how wide the impact of this new algorithm will … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 2/12/14


Hello folks, and happy Wednesday! We’ve moved the Smattering to Wednesdays because that better matches when I do the news for our internal teams. Because of this, we have two weeks worth of SEO news for you guys to feast upon! I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!     Google News: Google Releases First Top Heavy Algorithm Update In Over A Year – Back in 2012, Google launched the Top Heavy algorithm, which was to punish sites that put too many ads above the fold, as users want to get right to content without scrolling past a bevy of ads. The algorithm was released in January, 2012, with one update following in October of that same year. Recently Google released a new update to the Top Heavy algorithm that, according to their own blog post, should affect about one percent of searches, and warns site owners not … Continue reading

Google Update: Google’s Most Significant Recent Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm, and every couple of months or so they release a major update to this complex puzzle that delivers us our results on the search engine.  With this past week’s release of ‘Search Plus Your World’, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the significant algorithm changes that have occurred over the recent years along with our key takeaways from each to help you stay on top of your SEO.   VINCE (2009): Placed an emphasis on brand signals and social engagement with the site users, leading to more perceived authority for large brands. TAKEAWAY: If you are a brand that is socially engaged with your users, those ‘social signals’ will help your SEO and the ability for pages from your site to be found easier in Google.   MAYDAY (2010): Lots of content alone no longer guarantees rankings for … Continue reading

The Media vs. Google: Who’s Really At Fault?

vs.   Earlier today, Adage reported on an interesting controversy between big media and Google. The controversy in rooted in the fact that big media wants to exert more control over their positioning in Google’s search engine results pages. Upset by the fact that amateur bloggers,  new-school content aggregators, and even Twitterers often rank higher than more ‘authoritative’ media sites like CNN or The New York Times for popular newsworthy searches, media companies and content executives are gearing up to go to battle on April 30th, when Google will host the next closed-door meeting of its Publishers Advisor Council. But it’s not only special treatment these publishers are asking for; they also want a peek into Google’s algorithm and a clearer understanding as to how the search engine ranks sites. In essence, they want the recipe for Google’s secret sauce…and they aren’t likely to get it. As most of us know, … Continue reading