A Smattering of SEO News: 11/25/13


Hello my friends, and happy Monday! Welcome to another installment of a Smattering of SEO News! The last week was light on Google news, but had a good deal of news from other sources. Let’s take a look!   Google News: Google Asks for Feedback and Feature Requests for Webmaster Tools – On his blog, Matt Cutts asked users what they felt might make Webmaster Tools better in the upcoming year, and is taking suggestions on the same blog post. Suggestions have included a full listing of artificial links, better keyword data, and clearer debugging messaging. Cutts: You Can Still Use the Disavow Tool Without a Warning – In a recent video, Matt Cutts answered the question as to whether webmasters should use the link disavow tool even without a warning or penalty. While seeming like common sense, Cutts said that if one has exhausted all other options for removing … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 11/11/13


Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Smattering of SEO News. It’s been a slow news week, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it, but news is news, so let’s dive in and take a look at the latest happenings in SEO…   Google News: iGoogle Officially Closed as of November 1st – As it had been warning for months now, Google has unceremoniously shut down the popular custom homepage portal, iGoogle, on Friday, 11/1/13. I know many who are saddened by this loss, and most are still looking for alternatives. YouTube Comment System Fully Linked to Google+ Causes Problems – Google recently reported that Google+ would be required to leave comments on YouTube. What they didn’t mention is that previously unlinked YouTube accounts must be linked to Google+ accounts in order to leave comments, which is causing major problems for many … Continue reading

A Plethora of PPC News 11/7/13

twitter money

There is plenty of interesting stuff going on in the world of online marketing this week but today will almost certainly be remembered for Twitter’s long anticipated IPO. So yeah, that will probably get a mention in the Plethora this week. Let’s just get right to it:     Twitter opened at around $26 and, by the time that I’ve typed these words, has climbed to over $45. That means that Twitter is considered a ~$30B business. To put that into perspective, the largest advertising company in the world, Publicis Omnicom Group–which sounds like the quasi-legitimate face of Lex Luthor’s evil empire–has a market cap of about $35B. I’m not here to tell you whether Twitter is currently overvalued (spoiler: it is) but it’s worth noting that a young company that’s still struggling to make real dollars through ads is neck and neck with a company that has nearly perfected … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 11/4/13


Hello everyone, happy Monday and happy November! As we enter the busy holiday season, we’re reminded that SEO stops or slows for no one, as evidenced by all of the news from last week! Let’s take a look! Google News: Cutts: Larger Websites Don’t Automatically Lead to Better Rankings – In a recent webmaster video, Google’s Matt Cutts answered the question as to whether larger sites automatically rank higher than smaller sites. While Cutts said that larger sites didn’t automatically get a rankings boost, more pages targeting more keywords opens up more opportunities for ranking for those keywords, so as always, more content is better. Google+ Reaches 300 Million Active “In-Stream” Monthly Users, 540 Million Overall – Google recently announced that Google+ has reached 300 million users that actively use the Google+ content stream, and 540 million users across the entirety of Google. Google also said there are 1.5 billion … Continue reading

Four Common SMO Mistakes


Nowadays almost every major brand or company uses Social Media daily. Most brands know how to do it correctly, but some make little errors that make people tick. These 4 mistakes could be costly to your Social campaign:   Picture Errors – this may include sizes, quality, or the image itself. The biggest size error that annoys people is an image that looks like it was taken off a Nokia phone back in 2005. This also applies for quality! A picture that is the correct size and better quality will outperform every time. Some brands like to push their images to the edge and sometimes go too far! Risqué photos may bring more engagement, but is susceptible to negative comments that ultimately may outweigh the positive. Pro Tip: Use filters like “large” or “high quality” when searching for images. Account Connection Errors – Connecting your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seems like … Continue reading

A Plethora of PPC News 10/17/13

Digital Camera Exif JPEG

This morning, the government got back to work and the world, once again, didn’t come to an end. Happy October 17th, everyone! Of course, while thousands of government employees were waiting to get back to the office, the Plethora was still hard at work finding the best news items about PPC management and digital marketing. Let’s dive into some of the headlines from this past week:   Fresh off of their billion dollar IPO filing, Twitter is hard at work adding features for marketers to the interface. Most recently, Twitter added scheduling capabilities for businesses that allow marketers to plan up to a year’s worth of tweets in advance. Considering that Twitter is supposed to be more about what’s happening in the immediate, I’m not sure that many advertisers are going to maximize the utility of this feature, however, it’s great to see that Twitter is preparing to take revenue … Continue reading