A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 3/21/14

Happy first weekend of spring! Before you rush out of the office today, sit back and enjoy this roundup of all things social!


WhatsApp: “We Will Not Collect Data… Yet”

WhatsApp, the messaging app that Facebook recently bought for roughly $16 billion,facebook-whatsapp has announced that they will not be collecting data. The company wrote a blog post Monday to address the issue of data sharing with its new owner, Facebook. Accusations that more data would be collected under the new ownership started surfacing soon after the acquisition. WhatsApp has made it very public that they do not store any of the content of your messages or your email address. What we do know is that this can change at any moment. Facebook is known for its ever-shifting privacy policy changes that could easily come to WhatsApp. Zuckerberg says they do plan to serve ads on the app, but not until the user base reaches a certain quantity. To serve ads properly on the app, they would need some sort of data about the user. Overall, the blog post said, “We will not collect data… yet.”

Facebook At Games Developer Conference

Facebook announced at the Games Developer Conference that an average 375 millioniswifter_theworx_app_hub_i people per month play Facebook-connected games. Their blog also stated that Facebook sends an average of 735 million referrals to gamers every day. Facebook has made it very clear that having your game available on multiple platforms is more profitable. A study that Facebook conducted late last year concluded that a user who plays the same game on two or more platforms spends 3.3 times more money than users who just play on desktop. They go on to say that cross-platform players are also more likely to engage and click on ads with the game. Developers have also revamped requests to give marketers another tool to drive users to the game. Previously, requests were very basic, for example, “Candy Crush: Adria sent you a request” was the standard. Now, however, you can be specific on the request you are sending: “Candy Crush: Adria sent you a life.”

Instagram – PromPosals

With high school prom right around the corner, teenagers from all over are trying to figure out a creative way to ask out their date. Instagram has noticed and blogged about some students using the hashtag #PromPosal when showing off how they asked their date. I wish I had Instagram to use for inspiration during my time! I asked my prom date out OVER AIM! Check out the crazy ideas these teenagers are getting nowadays on Instagram!

Viral Video Of The Week – Wheel Of Fortune Winner!

Everyone loves a good, triumphant story, and this week, the TV game show Wheel of Fortune has brought just that. After most of the game show is complete, the winner gets a bonus round where they have a chance to win a huge prize on a very difficult puzzle. After naming off their extra characters, contestants receive no additional help. In this circumstance, the host basically says, “good luck!” and with that, the contestant correctly guesses the answer with his first try! This video was uploaded March 19th and is coming up on 4 million views.


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A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 3/14/14

Happy Pi Day everybody! Hopefully, you have an awesome boss that will let you leave at 3:14 pm today! If you are leaving that early, you don’t have much time. So let’s get down to business!


The Launch Of Facebook Auto-Playing Video Ads

Everyone knew it was coming, but ‘when’ was the question. After the announcementfacebook-video-ads that Facebook would have videos automatically start playing, the idea of ads doing the same came right with it. Now, the inevitable has finally arrived: auto-playing ads. These ads will work just like normal videos: they will automatically start playing as you scroll over them, and if you tap them, the ads will expand and un-mute. Facebook has released this feature to a select group of advertisers and will be rolling out content in the coming weeks. Zuckerberg has teamed up with companies to help measure the creative quality of the videos and highlight performance indicators for advertisers like the watchability, meaningfulness, and emotional resonance. They plan to charge advertisers based on the Nielson Online Campaign Ratings (OCR). “Premium Video Ads” will give advertisers another tool in their shed to engage with users on Facebook. Facebook plans to slowly roll out this feature to allow for testing, but if all goes well we can expect to see a larger release in the coming weeks.


Facebook To Release New Pages Redesign

Last week Facebook announced that it would be updating the News Feed, but they aren’t going to stop there. This week Facebook announced the new streamlined look for Pages. The first noticeable change is the timeline – the right side of the timeline will be all updates while the left side will be information about your business. On the admin side of Pages, the user interface will have better access to tools and navigation buttons. There are also more features coming to the “Pages to Watch” section, to make it easier to watch what other Pages are doing on Facebook. The biggest complaint so far: where are the tabs? Tabs have been among the main tools for Pages throughout the years. In this new update there are no signs of tabs anywhere, which has already started to worry some people. According to the blog, Facebook has already begun rolling it out – so be on the lookout! 


Twitter Data Proves Itself Useful Once again

Twitter released compiled data of when users tweet certain words. This time, they looked for phrases like “feel happy,” “feel sad,” “hungover,” and “late to work.” The data is compiled by month and days of the week to give you an idea when these phrases are being used the most. Some are more predictable than others, the first being “late for work” was most common during summer weekdays. “Feeling sad” was the most used phrase in December when compared to other months, presumably from the gloomy weather. There are many factors that can impact Tweets. For example, the most common days users tweeted “feeling happy” were Tuesdays in December, which both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fell on. The graphs Twitter released have all kinds of interesting data points to draw your own conclusions from.


Increase Retweets With Images

The data scientists at Twitter recently took a look at over 2 million Tweets to see what kind of posts get the most engagement. The team wanted to look at a range of different posts like photos, videos, hashtags, links and digits. Twitter looked into the engagement for one month’s worth of tweets and compared it to an average number of engagements per month. The Twitter team now feels confident enough to say that adding video, links, and photos all result in more retweets. The team also broke the results down by industry to show how different posts have different results from industry to industry. The results also concluded that adding hashtags or a number will also boost the number of retweets. Moving forward with this data, brand managers should optimize their tweets to correlate with the most effective methods, but don’t forget to keep it personable.


Viral Video of the Week – FIRST KISS

Content marketing at its best here ladies and gentlemen. Let’s just start with the numbers: uploaded March 10, 2014 and while I’m writing this, this video is about to tip over the 48 million views mark. Just reading the description got most people excited (We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…), which probably is why most people didn’t even catch the opening, “Wren Presents.” Wren is a clothing company, and those are actors wearing Wren’s clothes. Now, not to take away from the value of the video, because I’m sure all of these people were strangers, but as actors they may have already been in this position before. Still, most people don’t even know that they are being marketed to, which is what gives it the name content marketing. The most obvious: it’s not interrupting, it’s shareable and resonates emotionally.

FIRST KISS - viral video

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A Smattering of SEO News: 3/12/14

Welcome to another installment of SEO news! Join me as we discuss some of the interesting changes for Google and Yahoo, and what it could mean for you!


Google News:
Sites With Long Histories Of Spam Might Never Recover In SERPs – Searchgoogle-spam-can Engine Watch contributor and Internet marketer, Marie Haynes, has a problem: One of her client’s websites – a payday loan company – has been penalized by Google, and she’s been trying for a long time to get the penalties removed through traditional methods. When she Tweeted Matt Cutts on the matter, Cutts said that if a client has a lot of spam over many years, it can be quite difficult to undo that damage in the eyes of Google. Fellow engineer, John Mueller, confirmed that such sites might never be able to dig themselves out of the hole they’re in, and might even need to consider starting over with a new domain. Cutts then went onto say that other business websites that shared the same business info as a penalized site could also be penalized. This could be very troubling for companies trying to dig themselves out of a deep hole in the eyes of the search engine.
Google Webmaster Team Finally On Google+ – Given that Google sees Google+google-webmasters-google--1394537566 as such an important part of their ecosystem, it’s a tad confusing that it took so long for their Webmaster Outreach team to appear on the platform, but they finally arrived at +GoogleWebmasters. We can now guess that Matt Cutts’ videos will appear here, as well as other forms of webmaster information and outreach.
Google Recent Menu Design Changes Are Still An Experiment – At the recent Search Marketing Expo West conference, Google head of search, Amit Singhal, told the audience that their new search results features, such as links missing underlines and dynamic menu ordering, is still an experiment they’re toying with. This is good, as a lot of people don’t seem to like the new design.


Other News:
Yelp Reviews Go Live In Yahoo Results – A little while back, we reported thatyahoo-search Yelp reviews were coming to Yahoo search results after the two companies struck a deal to share content. Well, those changes have arrived, and you can now see these results in the right-hand sidebar whenever you search for a specific restaurant. These results include the overall review score along with a couple of recent reviews as well, to give you a rounded look at the business in question.
New Facebook Page Insight Tool Lets You Spy On Competitors – An interesting new feature, as part of Facebook’s recent revamp of branded pages, is a new Page Insights section that gives page owners quite a bit more information on reach and engagement for their pages including specific data for their last five posts. The most intriguing feature, however, is the “Pages to Watch” feature. This feature allows you to select other pages to “watch” and see how many new likes they get, new posts and new engagement. You can add up to five sites, and the tool will then rank these sites, including yours, based on how well the pages are doing, which allows you to see how you’re doing socially compared to your competition.
Twitter Experimenting With Click-To-Call Tweets – In a recent article in Digiday,Twitter-Large Twitter’s VP of Global Online Sales, Tichard Alfonsi, said that they’re experimenting with click-to-call functionality that will appear alongside specific Tweets. This functionality will apparently give advertisers the ability use targeted options such as lists and geo-targeting to offer Twitter users a direct engagement with advertisements. This will work well for important, quick leads such as event ticket sales, local promotions and more. There’s no word as to when or if this will be rolled out to all Twitter users.

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A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 3/7/2014

Welcome back to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media. We have some interesting news coming out of the social world that we’re excited to break down for you. Let’s dive right in.


New Regulations On Facebook Regarding Guns Sales

Facebook and Instagram’s core beliefs have always revolved around helping people connectfacebook-gun-sales1 and communicate. In this large realm of connectivity, things like posting about a couch you have for sale has it’s own space. Even though the transaction doesn’t take place online, Facebook still solicits the transaction, and this is where tech giants run into some ethical issues. Specifically, we’re referring to private sales of firearms. This week, with the help of New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman (and other organizations), Facebook has taken a stand against using their social media platform for firearm sales. While these new platform changes will still make it possible for users to solicit the sale of private firearms, they will get a legal notice and the post will not be shown to anyone under the age of 18. Instagram will also provide “in-app education” to those searching for firearms on its platform. The company also included that they will not allow posts promoting the sales of regulated items that may be used to evade the law. Lastly, the blog ends by encouraging users to report anything that may violate these policies.

Twitter Predicts HIV Outbreaks

It feels as though we are finding new uses for Twitter on a weekly basis. Last week weTwitter_HIV_2 discussed how researchers are developing a lie detector for Twitter, and this week we are back with an even more groundbreaking study! UCLA researchers discovered that Twitter and other real-time social media can track HIV outbreaks and drug behavior that could potentially prevent future cases. Researchers collected more than 550 million tweets, plotted them on a map, and then ran tests to determine if that was where outbreaks of HIV had been reported. The study suggests a link between the data on geographical distribution of HIV cases and the use of tweets with phrases that indicate drug use or potentially risky behaviors. It should be noted, however, that the study uses HIV data from 2009. As a result, this research can only successfully predict future behaviors or outbreaks if they frequently update the data.

Facebook Officially Announces Roll Out Of Redesign

After the original announcement made last March, Facebook finally released its long awaited update. The redesign was initially tested on a small number of users but, Facebook scrapped the layout citing that engagement and user interaction was not what they had expected. In December, Facebook announced they would be pushing back the already late redesign, so it is exciting to see what changes they have made.  Most of the changes are very minimal and may go unnoticed. The ideas proposed last March are mostly gone, except for the probably the most noticeable change – larger images. Photos are the most engaged with status on the platform, so with that being said, it’s long overdue. Facebook has begun rolling out the update and will continue its release in the coming weeks.

Viral Video Of The Week – Back To The Future: HUVr Boards

This video got everyone in the office hovering with excitement. People filled withhuvr nostalgia as they experienced one of their favorite movies come to life. It starts with an intro from Christopher Lloyd who played Dr. Emmet Brown in the landmark film. He explains that while the technology was not really possible back when the movie was made, the time has finally come! The video even includes famous icons demonstrating how to use the boards. This video was uploaded March 3, 2014 and already has nearly 10 million views. Unfortunately, the brilliant minds over at HUVr are not really at HUVr. They’re actually the funny guys from Funny or Die. Unfortunately, it was one big, huge, hoax that went viral faster than anyone expected. Christopher Lloyd makes up for it in his apology video with a special surprise for those who were hoaxed!

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A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 2/21/2014

Hey there, and welcome to another Smorgasbord of Social Media! There has been some exciting news in the social media space in the last week! Let’s dive right into it.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

If you haven’t heard of WhatsApp, it is a mobile messaging service with over 450 millionwhatsapp active monthly users, 70% of which are active daily, and adding more than 1 million new registered users per day. These big numbers commanded the $16 billion price tag, which is the biggest acquisition in mobile tech history. Now, why would Facebook want a mobile messaging app? In its latest blog post, Facebook mentions how this acquisition will support the shared mission to bring more connectivity and utility to the world. What Facebook seems to be after: that massively engaged user base. They go on to say how the acquisitions will help by delivering core Internet services affordably. WhatsApp will still operate on its own, maintain the brand, and the CEO will join Facebook’s Board of Directors. Mark Zuckerberg said, “WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people. The services that reach that milestone are incredibly valuable.”

LinkedIn Gives Publishing Power To All Users

Previously on LinkedIn, only a handful of selected influencers were able to post in the long form that would publish to their profile. These influencer posts, on average, generate around 31 thousand views and 80 comments. To continue the push to get more users reading the news on the platform, LinkedIn has now opened the tool to the rest of the 277 million monthly active users. It used to be that a user could post a third-party link to a blog that would be directed offsite. Opening this up to all its user base will potentially keep users on the site longer by having them post there directly. Look for a small pencil icon next to the share box, once that has been clicked, a small compose screen that has the editing tools needed.


Facebook Knows Before Your Facebook Friends

Facebook just released an interesting report that shows it can predict when you’refacebook-relationship1 about to change your relationship status. In the months leading up to a status change, the amount of timeline posts shared between two people begins to increase. After the relationship status has changed, the frequency of the posts begins to decline, but the positive emotions in the posts increases.

Viral Video Of The Week – Boy With Autism Receives Surprise Gift From Garbage Man

This video starts out with a boy directing the trash truck to lift the can up and dump it. After the trash man does his job, he politely asks if he could give the boy something. When the garbage man pulls out a toy garbage truck for him, the boy is shocked while his parents are even more shocked and truly appreciative. It is kind of nice to see a video like this go viral. News stations caught onto the story, and the original video with over 1.4 million views, uploaded February 12, was buried behind the news stories. With about 8 different versions of the clip, the video itself has a total of over 3 million views. It seems like people were incredibly touched by this story, so check it out!

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A Plethora of PPC News: 2/20/14

Thanks for stopping in on another interesting week in PPC management news from the Plethora. I hope you all had a wonderful Presidents’ Day! We’ll be checking out some major acquisitions and some big reveals from the top companies in the digital marketing world this week.



  • What do you do if the messaging company you want to buy for $3 billion says no?facebook whats app logo Well, if you’re Facebook, you turn around and buy a better one for $16 billion. This week, Facebook acquired messaging app What’s App for that princely sum just months after being told, “no way, Jose” by SnapChat. Personally, I think this was a brilliant move but I think that Henry Boldget did a better job summing up why this was a brilliant business decision by the Zuck.
  • Facebook wasn’t the only company in a spending mood, though. Google got together with Magna Global, one of the world’s biggest players in advertising intelligence. Although it was not a straight purchase, this deal should see more blurring of MagnaGlobalthe lines between television and online ad buying. This is yet another partnership between a media giant and Google, and the proceedings show just how committed Google is to improving its position in the marketplace despite their continual dominance.
  • Google made another big announcement regarding an improvement to its AdWords user experience. Google Shopping, which saw major success during this most recent holiday quarter, is going global. Not only can people around the world buy like Americans; they can now sell like Americans have been doing with Google Shopping for years. This signals Google’s faith in a shopping product that has been tweaked and augmented countless times over the years. Perhaps this is its final form?
  • This year has been full of new developments and even Yahoo is getting into the mix. Yahoo just launched Gemini, a tool set to help them catch up to Facebook in the mobile ad market. CEO Marissa Meyer did a lot of talking about mobile when she took the helm and Gemini appears to be the first tangible development (unless you count Axis, which Yahoo hopes that you do not). I always root for the once-great Yahoo to get back on track. Let’s see if Gemini helps them achieve those ends.


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A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 2/14/2014

Welcome back to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media. We just have a few updates for you for now, but lets dive right in.

Twitter Redesigns to look more like Facebook

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “Finally, you understand Twitter – and then it goes all Facebook on you and changes.” But this time, the changes just make it look more like Facebook. From the looks of it, this change is more about the profile layout and avoids changes to the homepage. A Mashable editor noticed the change when he logged in earlier this week. The layout looks more like a Facebook profile: profile image on left, with a header above and tabs going across right below the header. Those tabs across also include a new category, photos/videos. After Mashable initially reported the new redesign many people commented on how it looks too similar to Facebook and Google+. Previously, Twitter tested new features and designs to a small group of users before it launched to every user. Twitter has not commented, but we can assume that if all goes well, we could be seeing another redesign very soon.


Facebook Adds New Option

Facebook has always been a place to reveal one’s true identity, but Thursday, Facebook made it even easier. On the Facebook Diversity page, they announced the new “custom gender” selections. Facebook teamed up with “leading LGBT advocacy organizations to offer an extensive list of gender identities that many people use to describe themselves”. This is a huge change for users who don’t identify with the label of male or female. Furthermore, users now have the ability to change the pronoun that Facebook uses for updates.


Viral Video of the Week – ‘Bride Sings Down Aisle’ Round Two!

The reason we say “round two” is because this video almost reached 14 million views in 5 days on ‘GodTube’ but it was actually uploaded to YouTube months ago.  We first noticed the video being shared on Facebook. We followed the link and it took us to ‘GodTube’ instead of YouTube. We were a little thrown off by this and searched for the video on YouTube. When we found the video we noticed that the only difference was that it was uploaded in August of 2013 and had over 700k views. Seven hundred thousand views is a good amount. But, it is clear that they went for the double dip and uploaded onto another site, where it quickly took off. Regardless, the video is very heart wrenching and should be watched. After all, that is why it is our viral video of the week!

Thanks for reading this week’s update on a Smorgasbord of Social Media.  We hope you’ll join us next week: same time, same place!

A Smattering of SEO News: 2/3/14

Hello folks, happy Monday, and happy February! I hope January was awesome for you all, and may February be even better. It’s been a busy year for SEO so far, and the past week has had some awesome stories, so let’s dive in!


Google News:

  • Google And Bing Agree: Previous Successes Don’t Guarantee Success In SEO – In a recent webmaster video, Google’s Matt Cutts deals with what owners of older sites can do to maintain their site and keep their high search rankings. Basically, he says a lot of webmasters are nervous about making changes to a successful site, and eventually sites can look dated, run slowly, or be cumbersome to navigate. All of these are usability problems which can cause users to move to newer, more up-to-date sites that are just as hungry for high rankings. Cutts suggests to take a fresh look at your site and keep it as fresh and updated as possible. Bing’s Duane Forrester said something similar in a blog post, noting sites that have been around for a while and rely on few tactics or even a singular SEO tactic can be left behind.
  • Cutts: Don’t Link From Article Directories – Upon being asked whether links from article directories such as Ezine were good or bad, Matt Cutts said in the past several years those directories have relied on lower and lower quality content, and that one shouldn’t rely on them in order to build valuable links.


  • Study: Thirty-Four Percent Of SERPs Share Traditional Results With News, Images And Shopping Results – In a recent study by Conductor, in which they looked at the search engine results pages (SERPs) of 1.5 million keywords, they found that thirty-four percent of the time, search results shared space with news, images and shopping results, twenty-eight percent to images alone. They also found that eighty-eight percent of SERPs show nine or more blue links, or actual search engine results, beyond the images and news. This shows that not only are traditional SERPs still full of hopefully relevant results, but that images especially are playing a larger part in search.
  • Google Slaps Down Another Bad Link Network – Matt Cutts recently Tweeted that they had taken manual action against a French link network called Buzzea for violating quality guidelines. In response, Buzzea both tried to defend its practices as well as saying they would move onto new practices. Cutts later Tweeted, “today France; Germany soon”, so we can expect news of another link network falling soon.
  • Google Warns Affiliate Networks With “Thin” Content – In a Googlegoogle-penalty-square Webmasters blog entry, Chris Nelson warned that if you run an affiliate network that relies on thin or scrapped content, and don’t provide value to the user through unique added benefits, their site may be penalized for frustrating searchers and violating quality guidelines. This apparently has been a problem of late in the adult industry, as both Nelson and Matt Cutts called that industry out specifically in discussing the issue.

Other News:

  • Study: Facebook Most Visited Social Network – According to a study by Forrester, in which they surveyed over 60,000 respondents, they found that Facebook was the most visited social media site, with seventy-two percent of respondents saying they visit the site at least monthly. Respondents were split up into generations, and eighty-five percent of those who visited Facebook the most were from Generation Z, while the numbers dipped slightly as the respondents aged increased, down to fifty-seven percent for the Golden Generation. YouTube – would anyone call that a social network – with fifty-seven percent, while Twitter and Google+ were tied for third with twenty-two percent of respondents visiting them the most in a monthly basis.
  • Study: Pinterest Generates 400% More Pay Per Click Money Than Twitter, Twenty-Seven Percent More Than Facebook – In a recent study byCoxBlue-Pinterest-1 QuickSprout, they found that even though fewer businesses used Pinterest than Twitter or Facebook, users engaged in Pinterest are much more likely to engage with companies through the image-based social network than other networks. For example, forty-seven percent of respondents claimed they bought something as a direct result of a Pinterest Pin, and are ten percent more likely to buy something they found through Pinterest than through any other social network. This is because Pinterest, apparently, has a tighter focus on its audience, as the study suggests eighty percent of Pins are from women, and eighty-seven percent of those pins are fashion related, for example.

That’s all for this week folks! Join me next Monday for more SEO news!

A Smorgasbord Of Social Media: 1/31/14

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining me again this week for a round-up of all things Social Media. We have some really interesting updates, so lets get right down to business.


Facebook Introduces Paper

Yesterday, Facebook introduced a new way of browsing your News Feed. “Paper” as they call it, includes stories and themed sections, making it easier to follow your favorite interests. You can customize Paper with an array of different topics that include a mixture of content from many well-known publications. This is the first product introduced by Facebook Creative Labs, a new department focused on developing new apps for Facebook’s ever-changing platform.

Facebook Fighting Twitter For TV Data

Second on Facebook’s list of announcements this week was Chatter. Chatter will help collect and publish anonymous data about TV conversations. Facebook teamed up with a social media television analytics firm, SecondSync, to release a study “Watching With Friends.” This study looks to understand how television shows are discussed on the platform along with demographic breakdowns. This new feature allows Facebook to directly compete with Twitter, which has dominated the TV conversation data collection sphere. Capturing the data might be difficult for Facebook, but after that, their road map might just lead them to yet another avenue for success.


Pinterest Is Making It Easier To Cook

The place already known for great recipes and ideas for food has made it even easier to find a great recipe. Now, users can search for recipes by ingredients or individual foods. Before, if you searched for ingredients, it would return photos and recipes. Pinterest will now show only recipes incorporating said ingredient when searched. They have also created some options to filter by a specific eating style or diet including: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. Pinterest rolled this feature out this week so you may have already noticed it!


Viral Video Of The Week – A Super Bowl Commercial?

This weeks viral video is supposed to be a commercial for the Super Bowl but already has over 17 million views and was just uploaded on Wednesday. Budweiser has been making more sentimental commercials with its Clydesdale horses, beginning with last years commercial. This year’s ad is almost identical but instead of the horse remembering the trainer, it remembers a dog that wondered in to his barn. Overall, these ads are big shift from the 1995 Budweiser Frog commercials.

That’s it for this week, thanks for staying up to date with a Smorgasbord of Social Media. Don’t forget to check back next Friday for a fresh batch!

A Plethora Of PPC News: 1/30/14

After a major apology in December for missing so many posts, I’ve missed over a month of new articles about PPC news. I’d apologize again but you guys probably wouldn’t buy it (and I don’t blame you), so let’s just get right to the recent developments in the paid search advertising world instead:



  • Facebook had a good 2013 and an even better fourth quarter. They’re makingfb-like a lot money and doing it faster than most analysts would have guessed. Unfortunately for third party app makers, though, they’re signing a different tune. As a result, Facebook has decided to begin advertising within third party apps. Although this may appeal to the app developers who will get a cut of the action, it remains to be seen whether advertisers will be interested at all. Plus, that’s just one additional, somewhat confusing means of marketing in Facebook’s already multifaceted offering.


  • By now, you’ve likely heard that Google is selling Motorola – which it acquired inmotorola-for-sale-348x196 2011 – for a ~$9.5 billion loss to Lenovo. They’re keeping the patents but dropping the dead weight of the handset business. That’s not really PPC news, though, but what it means for Google’s future very well could be! Google releases its earnings report today and although the Moto situation will be a big part of the discussion, there are many advertising questions that will need to be answered as well. Stay tuned!


  • Even though AdWords has been doing quite well for Google, being the primary engine of revenue growth, all enduring institutions could use a facelift from time to time. As Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, “Hey, even the Mona Lisa’s falling apart.” Google gave AdWords such a facelift late last week to make it match the new, minimalist (dare I say, Apple-esque?) stylings of other Google products like Gmail and Maps. What do you think of the new look?


  • Not everything is peachy keen for the Monster of Mountain View. A recent court decision sided with a patent troll over Google that should take a 1.36% bite out of Google’s AdWords revenue stream. If you don’t know what a patent troll is, it’s not as bad as the movie Troll 2 but it’s way worse than the troll under the bridge who was so easily fooled by goats. Basically, a company with very little to do bought Lycos (remember that old search engine with the dog mascot?) and held on to a patent that had something to do with AdWords for a bunch of years. Next stop? Lawsuit. Patent trolls make their money by suing companies that, often unwittingly, use software or techniques that have already been patented in the past. So, if you’ve had an existential breakdown about what you’re doing with your life, don’t fret. At least you’re not a patent troll!


My apologies for the absence, everyone. I’ll be sure to make a Groundhog’s Day resolution and get back to my normal schedule of posting the Plethora, your best resource for PPC management information… Well, most of the time. Thanks for reading!