A Smattering of SEO News: 3/12/14


Welcome to another installment of SEO news! Join me as we discuss some of the interesting changes for Google and Yahoo, and what it could mean for you!   Google News: • Sites With Long Histories Of Spam Might Never Recover In SERPs - Search Engine Watch contributor and Internet marketer, Marie Haynes, has a problem: One of her client’s websites – a payday loan company – has been penalized by Google, and she’s been trying for a long time to get the penalties removed through traditional methods. When she Tweeted Matt Cutts on the matter, Cutts said that if a client has a lot of spam over many years, it can be quite difficult to undo that damage in the eyes of Google. Fellow engineer, John Mueller, confirmed that such sites might never be able to dig themselves out of the hole they’re in, and might even need to consider starting over with a new domain. Cutts … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 3/7/2014


Welcome back to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media. We have some interesting news coming out of the social world that we’re excited to break down for you. Let’s dive right in.   New Regulations On Facebook Regarding Guns Sales Facebook and Instagram’s core beliefs have always revolved around helping people connect and communicate. In this large realm of connectivity, things like posting about a couch you have for sale has it’s own space. Even though the transaction doesn’t take place online, Facebook still solicits the transaction, and this is where tech giants run into some ethical issues. Specifically, we’re referring to private sales of firearms. This week, with the help of New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman (and other organizations), Facebook has taken a stand against using their social media platform for firearm sales. While these new platform changes will still make it possible for users to … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 2/21/2014


Hey there, and welcome to another Smorgasbord of Social Media! There has been some exciting news in the social media space in the last week! Let’s dive right into it. Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion If you haven’t heard of WhatsApp, it is a mobile messaging service with over 450 million active monthly users, 70% of which are active daily, and adding more than 1 million new registered users per day. These big numbers commanded the $16 billion price tag, which is the biggest acquisition in mobile tech history. Now, why would Facebook want a mobile messaging app? In its latest blog post, Facebook mentions how this acquisition will support the shared mission to bring more connectivity and utility to the world. What Facebook seems to be after: that massively engaged user base. They go on to say how the acquisitions will help by delivering core Internet services affordably. … Continue reading

A Plethora of PPC News: 2/20/14


Thanks for stopping in on another interesting week in PPC management news from the Plethora. I hope you all had a wonderful Presidents’ Day! We’ll be checking out some major acquisitions and some big reveals from the top companies in the digital marketing world this week.     What do you do if the messaging company you want to buy for $3 billion says no? Well, if you’re Facebook, you turn around and buy a better one for $16 billion. This week, Facebook acquired messaging app What’s App for that princely sum just months after being told, “no way, Jose” by SnapChat. Personally, I think this was a brilliant move but I think that Henry Boldget did a better job summing up why this was a brilliant business decision by the Zuck. Facebook wasn’t the only company in a spending mood, though. Google got together with Magna Global, one of … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 2/14/2014


Welcome back to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media. We just have a few updates for you for now, but lets dive right in. Twitter Redesigns to look more like Facebook We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “Finally, you understand Twitter – and then it goes all Facebook on you and changes.” But this time, the changes just make it look more like Facebook. From the looks of it, this change is more about the profile layout and avoids changes to the homepage. A Mashable editor noticed the change when he logged in earlier this week. The layout looks more like a Facebook profile: profile image on left, with a header above and tabs going across right below the header. Those tabs across also include a new category, photos/videos. After Mashable initially reported the new redesign many people commented on how it looks too similar … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 2/3/14


Hello folks, happy Monday, and happy February! I hope January was awesome for you all, and may February be even better. It’s been a busy year for SEO so far, and the past week has had some awesome stories, so let’s dive in!   Google News: Google And Bing Agree: Previous Successes Don’t Guarantee Success In SEO – In a recent webmaster video, Google’s Matt Cutts deals with what owners of older sites can do to maintain their site and keep their high search rankings. Basically, he says a lot of webmasters are nervous about making changes to a successful site, and eventually sites can look dated, run slowly, or be cumbersome to navigate. All of these are usability problems which can cause users to move to newer, more up-to-date sites that are just as hungry for high rankings. Cutts suggests to take a fresh look at your site and … Continue reading