Bites from a SEO Bombshell

Brains, Beauty and SEO- Trifecta! As this will be the first of many guest posts for Wpromote’s blog, I feel it is only right I begin by explaining the start of my career here at Wpro. I was hired one year ago as a “link-ninja,” or rather, Online PR Manager in our SEO department. Upon my first day, I joined an all-male team, lead by our crazy Canadian director, Aaron Kronis. I distinctly recall one afternoon there was this excitement going around our department because my team realized they could set their desk phone to the same ringtone as Jack Bauer. I stood there in my BCBG dress, Miu Miu bag in hand, perplexed, as I had never seen the show “24.” Needless to say, I was a bit of a fish out of water. However, I quickly earned my team’s respect as I obtained online press (and links!) for … Continue reading