Blekko: A Powerful And Free SEO Tool

Blekko is currently a search engine in beta right now that most people haven’t heard of. Though it’s in its infant stages at the moment, Blekko brings a variety of helpful tools for SEOs.  And best of all, they’re free to use!  Here are a few: 1.) Monitor inbound links daily: Let’s say you want to spy on your competitors to see what kind of links they are getting on a daily basis.  Blekko allows you to track the different types of links a website is receiving by the second.  You can also use this on your own site for various purposes.  Just simply enter this command into the Blekko search box: / !/ /date (replace ‘’ with your own website) -    Great for checking your incoming inbound links or competitor incoming links. 2.) Competitive Link Comparison Let’s say you wanted to strengthen your link portfolio by acquiring links that … Continue reading

Anchor Text Test: Making The Most Of A Link Opportunity

Link building may not be rocket science, but it can be difficult. It’s not always easy to find “authority” sites in your niche that are willing to link to you – and when you find someone with a relevant site/blog who is willing, the link may not be on your terms. Likewise, while guest posting is a great way to build links, best practices change frequently and it can be tough to keep up. Despite these inconsistencies, however, one factor remains that contributes greatly to any link building initiative and that factor is anchor text. The importance of anchor text when link building When link building, anchor text is key. Ideally, anchor text should take the form of keywords for which you want your site to rank. However, since other sites will invariably link to you, it can be difficult to control how these links are anchored. Say, for example, … Continue reading