How To Optimize Website Content For SEO And Sales

 May 3, 2011
written by:Marcy Zuendel

Part 5 of the 6 Strategies For Superior SEM Results prezi covers the highly disputed topic of optimizing content on websites for SEO or Sales. While both sides have compelling arguments, this segment will help you find the perfect balance between the two.

While we were going through the development of a new website we experienced this exact problem – whether to optimize the content on our site for SEO or Sales. Going through this process first hand, helped us to discover the following solutions to create the perfect balance between SEO and Sales.

1.) Think about implementing a blog (if you haven’t already) that has fresh, relevant content and won’t deter visitors looking to purchase.

2.) Expandable text boxes on your homepage, or other important pages on your website, will add content without taking away from the aesthetic and message on the page. Another idea is to add a resources, FAQ or glossary section to your site.

3.) Lastly, consider including user-generated content on your site, you could:

  • Place it on a dedicated area of the site
  • Incentivize power users
  • Have your sales team post questions they receive on phone calls

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s final post on 6 Strategies For Superior SEM Results – How to Craft The Right Message.

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