How To Create Compelling Infographics

 April 19, 2011
written by:Marcy Zuendel

Part 3 of the 6 Strategies For Superior SEM Results prezi covers the increasingly popular SEO link building strategy called Infographics. This segment will describe our strategy to Infographic conception, development and distribution, and share with you a case study of one of our most successful creations.

Infographics (or information graphics) are visually interesting and interactive ways to quickly communicate large amounts of data or information.  Infographics can spark interest from a variety of websites that could link back to your page.  Planning the seeding and distribution of your Infographic is something we recommend doing early in the process.  You will need to create a web page dedicated to the Infographic that contains the image, a description, easy sharing features, and a widget code so people can easily copy and embed the Infographic onto their websites.  There are 4 characteristics that make Infographics popular and compelling link bait: Educational, Humorous, Controversial, and Newsworthy.

Stay tuned for next Tuesdays post, Part 4 of 6 – Quality Scores.

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