Website Speed – Why It Really, Really Matters!


We all know how frustrating it can be waiting for a website to load. In this fast-paced world, we want everything yesterday. What you might not know is, website speed can affect your SEO, the user experience, and most importantly, your business’s bottom line. SEO-wise, search engines review page speed as part of the algorithm that decides who appears in what position on the search results page. That means a slow site will hamper your rankings, where a speedy site will enhance them. On the user side, sluggish websites can have an even greater detrimental impact. Nearly half of all users will leave a site that fails to load within 3 seconds, and more will abandon a transaction if it’s taking too long. Studies have shown that a 2-second delay in a transaction being processed dramatically increases a user’s anxiety about completing the purchase and, as a result, abandonment rates … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 8/21/14


Welcome to this week’s Smattering my friends! We have some awesome SEO news to go over! Let’s take a look!     Google News: Google Made Nearly 900 Search Improvements Last Year – Google head of search, Amit Singhal, recently said on his Google+ (of course) page that Google made 890 “improvements” to their search engine last year. He highlighted ten that have changed significantly in the past decade. He mentioned autocomplete functionality and voice search capabilities specifically. This could be the largest amount of changes Google had made in a single year. Google Penguin Update Possibly Launched Last Friday – In a recent Google Hangout, Engineer John Mueller mentioned that an update to the Penguin algorithm is “not that far away” but is “not launching this [Friday] morning.” It certainly could have launched sometime that day though because tools used to track SERP volatility show quite a bit of … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Zenni Optical


Pupillary distance. Ever heard of it? If you’ve shopped for new glasses, chances are, you probably have. For all of the uninitiated though, pupillary distance measures the space between your pupils. Makes sense, right? It’s a major factor to finding the right pair of glasses for you. Check out Zenni Optical‘s new Infographic that shows you how you can measure your own pupillary distance at home! Be sure to view the entire Infographic to learn how to measure your own special optical center!

Client Infographic: Campbellsville University


Advances in technology are revolutionizing the college campus. There are many apps being developed to specifically target college students in this new technological learning age. The goal of these apps is increase student productivity and enhance learning. Campbellsville University has created a new Infographic just in time for the beginning of fall semester that outlines the impact new technology has had on the average student. Check out the entire Infographic to learn more about The App Aided College Student!

Boost Your SEO Productivity: 3 Things I Learned from SMX Advanced


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend SMX Advanced in mid-June 2014 (this post is late I know, but I’ll still make it worthwhile). In my mind, conferences like SMX Advanced serve a few important purposes:     Reaffirming your knowledge and understanding of SEO. Allowing you to commiserate with other SEO Professionals about the evil doings of Google. Meeting all the SEOs whose blogs you follow and work you respect. Socializing with other SEOs (usually over a beer or two) about your/their most recent SEO triumph. Deciphering the double talk and misdirection of Matt Cutts (he’s now on sabbatical…I know). Every so often during a search marketing conference you will get ahold of some golden nuggets of information that you can take back to work and kill it at your job. Here are some game changers for many of the tasks I do on a regular basis.   1. … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Ghurka


When it comes to high quality leather, there’s only a few names that can claim a top spot in the industry, and of course, Ghurka is one of them. In order to be a leather savvy customer, you gotta learn The Lingo. You don’t know The Lingo? Don’t worry! Ghurka has released a new Infographic on the spectacular vernacular within the world of leather. Be sure to brush up on your newfound vocab terms before shopping at Ghurka by checking out the entire Infographic!