A Smattering of SEO News: 9/25/14


Hey folks, welcome to another smattering of SEO news; the last one for September! As both the month and the quarter wind down, the SEO news is still pumping along at full speed, and today we have some playful stories to help usher in the Fall season. With that said, let’s dive into a pile of SEO news leaves!   Google News: Users Can Now Opt Out Of Google+ When Making New Google Accounts – Signaling what looks to be a positive change in direction, Google is now allowing new users of its services to opt out of creating a Google+ account if they don’t plan on posting anything publicly, say to YouTube or Google+. This way, if they just want to use Gmail and Maps, they can without being forced onto a social network they didn’t want. Hopefully this makes Google+ a better place overall in the future by … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 9/18/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news! This week we get into some fun technical stuff and read about new penalties from Google. Let’s take a look!     Google News: Webmaster Tools Sending Out Sitelink Search Box Notices – Recently, Webmaster Tools has been alerting webmasters to make their site “ready for the new sitelinks search box.” This includes having a site-specific search engine, adding some markups to your site’s homepage, and setting the right canonical URL for your homepage. The alert includes how-to links for all of these things, thankfully. I just looked and I have not yet received an alert, what about you? Latest Transparency Report Shows Large Increase In Governmental Requests – Google recently released their tenth transparency report, and the results are fascinating. In the first six months of this year, U.S. governmental requests for information have increased 19% versus last year. So far there have … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Chan Luu


Tired of the heat yet? Are you dreaming about laying in bed and listening to the rain? Can you remember the smell of crisp autumn air? Here in California we are experiencing a never-ending summer, but all over the United States people are bundling up for fall. What better way to celebrate the turning of the season than getting yourself a new scarf! Chan Luu has created a scarf-centric Infographic in anticipation of cold weather that shows fun prints, styles, & more! Fall weather might be a ways off for us Angelinos, so it’s a good thing scarves never go out of style for LA hipsters. Be sure to check out the entire Infographic today!

A Smattering of SEO News: 9/11/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news! September has gotten off to a fantastic start in SEO news and there was just a ton of stuff this week. I highlighted the best for you, so I hope you enjoy this week’s Smattering!   Google News: Matt Cutts’ Blog Migrates To HTTPS, But Uses 302 Rather Than 301 – A little while back, Google announced that it would give minor ranking boosts to sites using HTTPS rather than the typical HTTP. Recently, it was discovered that Matt Cutts’ own blog had been migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, but for some reason this had been done using a temporary 302 redirect rather than a permanent 301 redirect. Sure enough, my own testing found that http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ indeed redirects to https://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ using a 302. As Cutts himself is on something of a sabbatical, it’s unclear whether he’s responsible for this, … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Lou Lou Boutiques


From medieval to modern times, humans have always needed bags. As we evolved throughout the ages, our necessity for bags and purses has as well. Check out Lou Lou Boutiques‘ new Infographic that gives interesting insight to commonly used bags from drawstring bags to Chatelaines! Be sure to view the entire Infographic to learn more about The History of the Hand Bag!

Client Infographic: Cabot Cheese


Looking for new and fun ways to interact and bond with your kids? Consider cooking! In their brand new Infographic, Cabot Cheese goes over a number benefits that come from cooking with your loved ones! Plus, who doesn’t love yummy, freshly made treats? Check out the Infographic for some cooking inspiration! Be sure to read the entire Infographic for fun recipes and inspiration. What are you waiting for? Grab your kids and get cooking!