Google Update: Google’s Most Significant Recent Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm, and every couple of months or so they release a major update to this complex puzzle that delivers us our results on the search engine.  With this past week’s release of ‘Search Plus Your World’, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the significant algorithm changes that have occurred over the recent years along with our key takeaways from each to help you stay on top of your SEO.   VINCE (2009): Placed an emphasis on brand signals and social engagement with the site users, leading to more perceived authority for large brands. TAKEAWAY: If you are a brand that is socially engaged with your users, those ‘social signals’ will help your SEO and the ability for pages from your site to be found easier in Google.   MAYDAY (2010): Lots of content alone no longer guarantees rankings for … Continue reading

Yahoogle Partnership

[Ed. note: This article originally set to post on 4/28] Google and Yahoo sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G…well, that possibility could be a reality in the near future. Let it be known that Yahoo is currently seeking a business partnership with Google. As of April 28, 2008, Google and Yahoo are in the middle of a two-week alpha test. This test is primarily composed of both Search Engines combining and “testing” specific search functionalities to improve Yahoo’s Online search and advertising platform. Simply put, Yahoo Is using Google’s search query and selected algorithmic components to generate and display ads to Yahoo users based upon their searches. For those that are not familiar with Search Engine market share break down; Google controls roughly 60% of the U.S. Web search market and Yahoo owns roughly 20%. The remaining percentages are comprised of lonely MSN with about 10% market share and the remaining … Continue reading